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November 26, 2007





:( I'll miss you guys.

Hope to see you around the internets in some other capacity! (Or even better, gracing the silver screen with your presence instead of just talking about films...) Best of luck with your careers!

Sean Snow


Well I hope to see you guys somewhere else sometime soon, I loved the show!!

PS - Suzanne you better come back to chicago so I can meet you on the street this time!! haha

Heather - I miss the CAC!


And GOF goes the way of Ctrl+Alt+Chicken. So sad.


Real sad! Loved the show and will miss it. You guys were great, hope to see you in something else soon.

T'Narg Ogbot

Farewell episode? Heard of it?

Sad indeed.


You girls should be very proud of what you accomplished! I'll miss you both!


Daniel Riddle

Hey Girls!!

Congratulations on the show. I wish you both all the luck in the world for your future ventures and I hope to see some more of you soon!



Awh! I'll miss you you two and your podcast like the desert misses the rain. Come back soon!



It was great while it lasted. Good luck to both of you in whatever you so pursue. I will always remember that going to the movies is indeed doing something.



Thankyou for the show! You will be missed, and best of luck you in future endeavors.


Strange??? I just found your show today...December, 01, 2007...and you are already out of production??? Funny, but for some season I sensed this would be the case as I watched your review for the film "Love Feast". Although I knew of your show by the reputation of its name, I never encountered your work before. I hope you reconsider you decision and begin producing the show again even if you hire others to fill-in for you. I think you have created a really good format...but, I could use some movie clips or film trailers along the way. I think that would really boost your viewership by leaps and bounds. And with a service like Netflix existing--and now distributing movies and tv series via the internet, your reviews would be greatly served if you managed to secure an agreement with such a service to have your show regularly posted on their websites... that being, Netflix or Blockbuster Online, for the convenience and edification of their customers in terms of informing them about new and old DVD releases.

Such an addition to said services would be a wonderful compliment to online movie distribution companies like those which I previously mentioned in this text, as well as the competing service that Apple is gearing up to unleash. Their patrons, me being one of them, would love the availability of your online reviews to help guide their (our) film and tv spawned DVD rental choices.

Changing your business model to the very one that I am suggesting would increase your viewership by the tens of thousands, and or, possibly millions of available online viewers as online direct movie and tv distribution services begin to expand in the near future. Just a few thoughts that I hope you will seriously consider. Good luck.--Zip


thanks from Australia


Why don't you guys go and work for Rev3?


I'm disappointed, I'll miss you two a lot!


That sucks so badly that you guys are quitting :( I've been subscribed to you guys for over a year! As strange as it may sound, I've always fallen asleep to the ladies talk about the films. The Elizabeth episode alone sent me into dreamland for a solid week. You guys should jump Rev3 with Alex in some sort of capacity. Or at least release bi-weekly or monthly episodes so we can get our dose of Two Girls, Two Films! *cry*


Aww, I will sincerely miss you two. Especially Suzanne. Love you Heather, but Suz was my big girl-crush.

Looking forward to seeing your guys' next projects!


WHAT????? I hate to hear this. I have thoroughly enjoyed the podcast, girls. I hope to see more from the both of you in the future. Good luck with all of your endeavours.

John Boy

Oh no, my darkest fear has come true! Well, maybe not my darkest, but I'm sure it ranks pretty high up there. I was wondering why I hadn't received a new episode through iTunes and feared the worst. And now it has been confirmed, no more GOF. I would have preferred a farewell episode, but I understand. It was a fun ride. Thanks for the memories :)

John W

My iPod just hasn't been the same since November...

Well, best of luck in whatever you take on next.


Hi Suzanne! long time no see...I really enjoyed your reviews and little sketchs.
But I see you've moved on to greater things...All the best for 2008!

PS: Any plans of doing a farewell episode with a top 10 perhaps?


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I discovered you two when going back and listening to the On the Page podcast and so I come to see what all the beautiful fuss is about and I find this!
I hope you two have been doing great things within the industry and wish you still the best of luck. Thanks for breaking my heart, kinda.

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good luck Heather and Suzanne!!! We will miss you guys.

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