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October 15, 2007



Heya Gals,
I was watching this week's episode and thinking how much I enjoy watching you two - not only because of what you say - but also because I love the relationship you have (or what comes though of it on screen). Anyway, I was thinking that I watch your show every single week and have never bothered to say Hi, and "I watch your show every single week". So, it's said. Thanks for putting it all together.

Take care,

(Melbourne, Australia - incase you're interested, which maybe you are because you can claim an International Audience)


I think it's funny that you two ladies balked at the "chick-flick" elements of The Golden Age. e.g the love triangle, and instead wanted the focus to be the battle and conflict with "Span." ;)


Woot woot!
Melbourne really loves you!!!

Hi from Australia again.



Just wanted to say hi from Utah

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