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June 18, 2007



I've heard of Fido, and have been waiting weeks for it. My friends and I are going to drive up to Santa Monica (from Orange County) to see it this weekend. I'm even more excited (if thats possible) after you're review. Thanks Girls.

Amy Madison

Great review! You guys totally get it. I loved Fido (saw it at Sundance) it was really, really hilarious and cool and different. I hope it spreads 'cause if it doesn't it'll be a real shame. Fido rocks!

William Addington

I am in Dallas and unfortunately its not on here or any where that I can find. I checked the Indie Art House Theaters in Dallas and they are just not showing Fido here, now I am sad. I tried to send a email to Lions Gate Films about it but there seems to be no way to drop them a line. Unless I register for the Message Board which I am going to do and leave a Message. Bring Fido Wider!

Mary Anne Waterhouse

Hey there. I'm one of the producers of FIDO. Thank you so much for your great review. In order for FIDO to get a chance to grow we need as many people as possible to know about it and see it. The film is scheduled to widen out to 6 additional cities on July 6th including Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston & Chicago. We need as big as turnout as possible in those cities on opening weekend for the film to have a chance to grow.
I will post a list of the theatres it is playing at later today.


Loved the Silver Surfer, but that was indeed the ony redeeming quality of F4:ROTSS. The Silver Surfer needs his own movie!!

Haven't heard of FIDO, but after your review, I really want to see it!

Mary Anne Waterhouse

OK - here are the theatres:
FIDO is opening in San Francisco (Landmark Lumiere), Seattle (Landmark Varisty), San Diego (Landmark Hillcrest), Dallas (Landmark Inwood), Chicago (Landmark Century), and Boston (Landmark Kendall Square) on July 6th.
If enough people go out to see it in LA and NY over the next two weeks, that list could grow - but we would need a LOT of people to come out to see the film for that to happen...
And, if enough people come out to see the film in each of the July 6th cities, the movie has a chance to roll out wider..
So - please if you are interested in this film and films like it - see it in LA or NY this week if you can, or if you are in one of the July 6th cities, see it July 6th !!!

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