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June 11, 2007



Hey ladies! I completely relate to your 'lack of umph' reviews of the films this week.

About animated films...

Animated movies back in the day were made more specifically for children to watch and were generally considered rather wholesome and 2-dimensional (aside from the rampant racism and broken families you find ala the injuns in Peter Pan or the lack of a two parent family in most of the movies). They usually had a sort of moral message to convey. Disney especially took most sexual references out of there animated pictures purposefully in order to portray a more G-rated version of what mommies and daddies are.

Now, most of our animated films are made on a dual level basis where children are able to watch it and enjoy it for its slapstick and general moral message and then an older audience (conceivably parents) are also able to watch it and enjoy a type of humor on another level. If anything, think of the old animated TV show Animaniacs. Children LOVED that show for the slapstick element, whereas an adult could watch it and understand the pop culture references and political humor that is present throughout the series.

*exhales* I wonder if I managed to make ANY sense there...


Hey girls! I was pretty disappointed with Ocean’s 13 as well. It didn’t have the charm that the first one had, and I found myself not caring about the characters. Not even poor Elliot Gould. Plus there was no love interest. An unwilling Ellen Barkin doesn’t count! They should have had Matt Damon charm her naturally, or it may have been funnier had she been immune to the pheromone and he had to improvise.

Heather, to your question, I remember a scene in Finding Nemo where the blue fish Dory (Ellen Degeneres) is unconscious but talking in her sleep. She says, “Yes, I’m a natural blue!” That cracked me up, but I didn’t need that to enjoy the animated film. I think that now they have started putting in the innuendos, it’s just expected.

Thanks, for the heads up on Surf’s Up. My son really wants to see that, so I’ll probably end up taking him anyway. Do you guys plan to see Ratatouille?

btw – Great intro! And loved the inserts from Alex, funny!!!


@ Mattie: Animated films were purely adult in the beginning. Betty Boob, er Boop being the most famous example. Disney hijacked the most popular form of entertainment and then that nazi-supporter (yes it's true, look it up) Walt was one of the main backers for the MPAA. Narrow-minded sickos!

You girls gotta drink more Tab! If I didn't know better, you were both up past Suzanne's bedtime - oh that's right, her alarm went off ;)

Bestest, most wastedest show ever... My favorite yet (and I've seen them all from the beginning)! It was short though. who can blame you? It must have taken several takes in your tabbed out condition! ;)

Love you guys, as always...!


When is the show getting a feed in iTunes? THat would rock.

Robert-Jan  Schiphorst

I really don't agree with everything you girls were saying about ocean's thirteen, compared to all the other crap movies everybody love this movie was great it did what it wanted to do and did it perfect. That makes it a great movie, and to say "I could have protested the war.....blablabla" sorry I just thought that made no sense.. I'm blabering I'm from holland so my English isn't great...

Henry C

About Ocean's 13, I wished it was more like 12. The idea of thieves trying to best each other I thought was very interesting and wish they would have taken that idea to another level.


Just came across this awesome podcast, I'll definitely be looking forward to the next episode.

Also a big fan of Ctrl Alt Chicken, dying to see the next episode


Sorry to disagree, but Oceans 13 was quite worth the trip to the movies much more so than a few others out in theaters. Yes the cast is scrumptious and they know it. Its that "sas" which they play-off so well. The 'complexity' of their schemes and their coming together for the wounded group member (selfless) is what Ocean is all about. Thats what I fell in love with in the first movie and they have carried it through all the movies.

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