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June 25, 2007



haha! Great show, girls. The ending was hilarious. I was really looking forward to seeing 1408, I think I'll wait a bit on it now.

I'd heard a lot about Black Sheep, but I wasn't sure if it was any good. Now I know I have to go out and see it!

Oh, why don't you ladies have a "cheap seats" rating? I know I'd rather see a film at the dollar show than netflix it and it costs about the same amount as renting. Just a suggestion, but you have your rating system down now. Too late to change it, I suppose.

Donald M

Why was everything so dark- did you guys forget to pay the light bill?


"Kudos" on another great show! I was on a business trip to Tampa and didn't get to see 1408. I'll catch it on cable.

Love absurd humor (which is why I watch your podcast!) Suzanne, you so said "Sliver." It's okay, it was the fabulous wine's fault I'm sure.

Well I hope to see Live Free or Die Hard this weekend. What's up with that PG-13?


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