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April 16, 2007



Fabulous show! Loved the intro sketch! I am a huge Sean of the Dead fan and can’t wait to see Hot Fuzz.

I liked the long build up in Disturbia, but wasn’t expecting that. I thought they’d get right to the serial killing. The movie made me think of the Tom Hanks movie, The Burbs. Where he knows the neighbors are up to something creepy, but nobody believes him. Great reviews!


Another awesome show, ladies.

I am so excited for Hot Fuzz. I think it's going to be incredible and getting two "Run to the Theatre" ratings from you guys really makes me eager to see it!

Disturbia surprised me. I had very low expectations because I am a huge Rear Window fan and just assumed it'd be a copy plain and simple. Though I agree it was formulaic, I still jumped a few times and definitely felt a little tense while watching it. It may have helped that I went with a few friends and we had a cocktail or two before heading to the theatre. haha.

Keep up the wonderful show.


I saw HOT FUZZ earlier this month in Santa Monica - that movie is great. I liked it better than SHAUN.

Anyone looking to get ready for the release should watch an marathon of Point Break, Bad Boys 2, Lethal Weapon, and Hard Boiled.

I wish this movie was getting a bigger release though - I really love it if we started getting more intelligent spoofs/satires like this and fewer God-awful messes like Epic Movie and Date Movie.

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