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April 09, 2007



Last week you said you were having trouble putting a theme to the episode, (with the bedroom and all) this week I think you succeeded. Great episode girls!

Also, the juxtaposition of two cute goofy girls against a griddy set/editing techniques makes for a very fun show.


I agree about Grindhouse...I thought Death Proof was terrible. I love everything Tarantino has done but this was shockingly bad. We spent so much time with all these characters and still don't give a shit if they live or die? We were clearly suppose to hate Stuntman Mike towards the end and root for the girls but how can I root against a character who only kills insanely annoying movie characters? He was my hero. Russell was great as always, I wanted him to win. Him being a pussy is funny in the short term but jesus did it just kill that movie. It'd be fine if I liked the girl characters at all but I actually want them to die painfully. The missing reel thing in Terror was funny but in Proof it was a relief cause the movie would be shorter.

I loved Planet Terror and Machete. Terror was hilarious in a way Rodriguez hasn't ever been before. I didn't know he was that funny. Jeff Fahey had the best line delivery in a movie I've seen in a long time.


Ah! Guns and Alcohol, a great combo!

And another great review. I can't wait to check out Grindhouse! And I have to agree...bring on the boobs!


I was really excited to see Grindhouse and I think it delivered. Albeit, "Death Proof" was not as good as I had anticipated, I agree with Heather's 'run-to-the-theatre' rating. This flick was awesome! It had action, sex, intrigue, good vs bad...everything you need in a film to keep your blood pumping. The first set of girls in "Death Proof" I didn't really enjoy, but the second group was amazing!

"Planet Terror" was hilarious in a way I never really knew Rodriguez was capable. I definitely think it was the stronger of the two films. Though, the whole testicle thing really confused me. I only have one question, though...How'd she pull the trigger?

Great show, ladies. I really do enjoy it. Keep up the awesome work. I'm very excited for "Hot Fuzz". I hope you guys dug it.

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