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March 13, 2007



haha. I absolutely loved the intro! Cracked me up.

I thought 300 was amazing! It was such a beautiful film and the choreography of the fight scenes was almost like watching dance sequences. Oh, and can I get a hell yea for all the sexy man-thigh!

I REALLY hope you guys do a review of Grindhouse. That looks to be really good. I think the concept alone makes it an interesting watch. Besides, I'd love to see how you ladies feel about Tarantino flicks.

Keep up the good work! I look forward to watching the show every week.


Just fyi, 300 is a very non-pc movie, check out this link (scroll down to "Two Reviews of the Movie")
I'm sure we'll here more about it, if we just pay attention...

Love you guys! Love this show


Good episode :D
I've been meaning to ask this, but does the "girls on film" title come from Duran Duran's song by the same title?

Peter Trussell

If you still have that blood lust from the 300 review I have an idea for a skit.

If you see www.ryanvsdorkman.com you can see a great example of a light saber duel.

You could spoof the Miller light commercial by having a debate of a certain wine by the pool.

Instead of falling into the pool and wrestling with wet tshirts both of you whip out light sabers.

Craig Trevillyan

Great Show!!! Keeps me posted on all the current movies! I love you guys.


Excellent reviews!

I'm with ya Suzanne, loved 300! Great acting.

Heather, I agree, saw a little throw back to Gladiator.

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