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August 12, 2005



Good to hear that dude, welcome back!


1st post woot!!

Captain Jo Jo

can't wait to see the new Diggnation

Andrew P

Hey it was great meeting you, drop me an e-mail for some pics! (Blue Atari Shirt)



Was really nice meeting you. Sorry we didn't have a bit more time to talk. It was a blast. Email me sometime.

DJ Snowball

Hey Alex, its DJ Snowball. It was great meeting you last night. Email me and I'll let you know about when the interview goes live.

Andrew P

Now showing my pics from the meetup:

Aleks Stanojcic

It was awesome meeting all you guys!
Can`t wait for the next event.

Well, back to my cube at the bank...later.

Maurice B

hey man it was great to meet you! Still thinking of Dead babies i see lol!


Hey Alex, it was great meeting you. I didnt get as much pics as i hoped at the meet, but anyway. Heres a link to the Call For Help Meetup Flickr Group I made...

Hope you come back to Canada some time soon!


Robert Greer

If you thought T.O. was fun you and Kevin sould do a Diggnation at next year's Calgary Stampede. Come back to Canada any time.

Craig Galbraith

Hey Alex! It was great meeting you. I wish you the best of luck with Diggnation and hope to see you in Battlefield 2 (if you ever get the time ;) )!


Each day was better than the next? So you didn't like the second say? Are you saying in a tricky way that it sucked?


Sounded awesome alex, take more pictures next time though!

J Morgan

Hey Alex! It was great meeting you and all the other TechTV people at the meetup in Toronto.

I put together a video of the meetup if anyone is interested at Hopefully the bandwidth is enough to handle all the rabid TechTV fans. Hehe.

Craig Galbraith

Great video! Thanks for posting!


At about 22 minutes on the video, how did you get the octopus vs shark on there? Do you have something that converts RealPlayer video to other formats? Can I have it?


Hey. Fly out to Pittsburgh, PA and do diggnation here! I want to meet you guys! Haha.


ya thats cool you made it to toronto, I being the moniless 15 year-old could not go to an event of this much importance (well to me and other tech fans), its sounded really fun and it would have been nice to meet everyone but I once again say that even if i live only and hour a way I still could not make it. Come back some time it would have been fun to meet everyone.


Brian Staton

If time permits, and you would like too, you should be on twit. You were one of the last true Screen Savers and it would be nice to see the circle completed. Now if we could just get Martin Sargent out of Michael Cain's Tea Farm...


Where was this free Wifi at the Toronto airport?? I was stuck there for about 5 hrs waiting for a connector and didn't find any free open wifi.. granted i wasn't in any 'executive lounges'. I was in Terminal 1..


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