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August 15, 2005



Awesome news Alex!!!
Just ordered mine!

You guys are doing a fantastic job on the show. Keep up the great work!



Freakin awesome!


Cool...i'll have to pick one up for when school starts...i have to represent diggnation at


Oh you fanboys, you never cease to amaze me. :P


Whoot Whoot


I wish this shirt had a little more to it. The name is done in a cool font don't get me wrong. I want to support Rev3, but can't there be a shirt with some personality?

How about a shirt with a real "digg" feel? Maybe it could have a Google maps version of the nation on front (given this is a popular dugg subject), then put diggnation over top. On the back put the little digg icon and type the url for

There has to be some more ideas like this out there.


I finally realized where I recongnized Alex from, he always looked familar when he was on G4. He was in this video:


Alex, Where have your fans started posting. Not many commenting around here...


Call me!
is my number


wwwhank, probably the reason people stopped posting comments here is that Alex himself stopped posting for like three months. Plus Alex got rid of his commments on a bunch of his posts because some a-hole was impersonating him and ripping on people. I'm sure Alex will gain some more commentators as time goes on.


Alright! I am number 11 after 2 weeks...


Hey Alex, we now have a diggnation shirt but when are we going to get an Alex Albrecht shirt with a giant picture of your head on the front.
Future News: Geeks all over the world are killed by mac fans today after buying Alex Albrecht shirts. More to come at 11 and we'll have an exclusive interview with Alex himself.


I got mine, and guess what guys and girls, I won the PSP from J!NX using the DIGGPSP discount.

DIGG and J!NX rules!!!


Off topic!

Hello everyone,

Please join the nation this thursday in a moment of silence at 10:00pm
EST till 10:01pm EST to remember everyone that lost their lives in
Hurricane Katrina. And please spread the word about the moment of silence.


B Belew

Somewhat Off Topic:
On Diggnation 10, you mentioned "Sky Commanders." "Sky Commanders" is a toy set and cartoon that I loved when I was a child, but I had forgotten what it was called. I have searched, off and on, for two years for the name of that cartoon. THANK YOU! You have saved me; my friends were beginning to become convinced that I had just made it up. Again, thank you.


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Judith Duhl

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