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August 04, 2005



awesome... looking forward to the next ep....


Haha, I've always wondered what Canada is like. Take lots of pictures alex!!


i wish i could go


I wish I had money for a plane ticket and also had a passport. Laaame.


Be sure to drink lots of Alexander Keith's, heck do it for your beer of the podcast!
Have fun!


It's about time that you and Kevin get to have some REAL beer. But can Americans handle Canadian beer? That diggnation show may only be 10 mins long because Alex & Kevin will be too drunk to talk.

Dan "Foo Foo" Huard

*See Dan's Comments*

John Dimaggio

Do People get treated that badly at G4?


Sweet. A Diggnation Episode with a Canadian Beer Review!


I would so be at the get together if there wasnt a huge friggin lake (superior) that i would have to drive around through 3 states to get to... i live in the Minneapolis area so getting there would mean driving thru wisconsin *yawn*... then illinois (chicago traffic, no thank you), then up michigan and finally into canada, eh?... damn lake superior...


Wish I could make it, but it's a 20 hour drive and unpaid time off work :(

Obligatory Canadian Beer Sampling:
Moosehead (my fav)
Sleeman Cream Ale
Sleeman Honey Brown


Good job mister, I will be looking forward in meeting and chatting with you and rose. You have to try a jager bomb and some canadian ICE.

See you soon.

Sir Reginald Shuttlecock

I`m not sure why Molson was the first Canadian beer reviewed. You owe it to yourself to try Keith`s. Nova Scotians just know beer better.


#1... That dude who posts the Tech TV thing needs to give it up... It's pretty freakin' lame.

#2... Stoked to hear that you're coming too Alex, I'm definatley gonna be there, looking forward to it!

#3... What's with all the eh?... we don't know what you're talking aboot!


that "dude" who posted the Tech TV thing was Dan Huard. Not sure if this is him here, but it's a copy of his farewell letter.


Seriously the dude who is posting Dan Huard's article can you please stop? We all miss tech tv but give it a rest. Sometimes we can beat a subject to death. Alex you may need to moderate your comments again.


The real Dan Huard and the rest of the Revision 3 team are awesome. Alex you rock too!


ne0ge013 do you not know about the shortcut through Michigan to Canada? Go through the U.P., enter Canada at Sault Ste Marie and Bob's your uncle. Couldn't be simpler plus no traffic the whole way. Stop in Escanaba at Sayklly's for some fudge. You definitely don't ever take the southern route. That's bad news.


Dude...I wish I could sounds like a lot of is a good thing too

Alex Will

Sounds good... I live in Vancouver, wish they filmed Call For Help here! You guys will enjoy the beer up here.

Alex Will

BTW did you ride Insanity in Vegas? I rode it in March... Some crazy shit.


I have an idea, how about Eastern Canada stops getting everything just for once this time and you guys come over to Vancouver, Eh?

Craig Galbraith

Great meeting you last night, Alex! Hopefully you'll be able to come back to Toronto again sometime soon. Until then...hope to see you in Battlefield 2!


Good times last night Alex!

Was nice meeting you... my buddy and I were laughing all night at "dead babies dead babies"... At least it worked and we finally go the pic.



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