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August 02, 2005



Way to go.....Dude


Yeah, that was awesome... Dude ;)

Seriously, nice to see you guys getting good coverage!


that was awsome Alex...


Oh god your so hot.


Oh god your so hot. I like how you have your hair so up high. I get goose bumps when I think of you naked.


Dude! I would so totally pay your rent! Podcasts are awesome! Idiot local reporters. Let's go Podcast to the extreme!


"This lemonade stand hopes to someday pay the rent", said the duh idiot prompter reader. To the extreme!

Patrick Weber

lol, I don't think that the podcast is going to pay the rent.. but maybe revision3 will!

lol.. stupid ABC reporters.

Keep up the great job on the podcast and everything else you do. Hey alex, why don't you get on systm every once in awhile?


...they have to be digging all this press....get it? "digg"ing? Wow, im a genius


Great show guys. The publicity is great. With TWIT, Systm, Broken, Diggnation, etc. taking off, and landing in top spot, it may really bring someone to buy old tt studios or even some studio and let revision 3 go there. Theory, but have all shows under revision 3 then when it gets real popular in future revision 3 will become the channel on tv and these shows will air, as well as the free online downloadable version. Just a future theory though. But hey, it could happen. And I agree with Chris, Alex, You're Hott. lol. Gay Techies Unite.


Sweet, thanks for posting this.


Dude that's sweet. Glad you guys posted the clip cause it probably would've taken me forever to find it otherwise lol.


Yeah alex!!!

Alex Will

Nice going Alex,

Al Franken is going down.


It's great to see you and Kevin back togeter again


Wish I could wander to the sinfeast Toronto thing, but broke again... If you all need a singer ,and er beer drinker send me a sign.

with an amount and signature.


Wow these are sweet camera angles. We should have Diggation in multi angle!




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