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July 12, 2005



Bainbridge Island Washington!!! okay.. so its not my home town exactly... but my dad works there and we have friends and relatives that live there... and Chris Kattan fron Saturday Night Live went to high school there... but I don't know him...


No where near... :( I did find out that I tend to live in cities of 100,000 population, umm so that's... interesting.


nope, im nowhere on that list...


Wow. Those stats make Austin look bad :(

Daniel Shawgo

Bainbridge island is #2 I didn't live there, but I grew up fifteen minutes away from there. I couldn't really tell the difference between the two places anyway, except the whole island thing. But I lived on a peninsula, so I was only five mile stretch of land away from island. good times.


Vennia, VA is the closet to me. don't live there, i'm about 20 mins away.


my home town got #1 in ur face haha beat that


The city i was born in (never really lived there) made 39 and i agree Rochester, MI is a nice place to live


oh and another my aunt's hometown Naperville, IL made 3. Boo Yah!! lol j/k


I live 10 mins from Naperville, IL. Little pricey for my taste, but everything they said was right on the money (especially the traffic...bleah :P).

Debbie Wiegmann

My hometown of Mill Valley, CA is #10 yippppeeee


Damn... I am almost sure Lake Chelan Washington used to be on this list.


i wouldn't put a lot of stock in that list. i live in Greensboro, NC and they didn't rank my city but they ranked Durham, NC #92 which has the highest murder rate in the state. I think it ranks the highest for violent crime in general as well.


i forgot to mention the other reason why Durham shouldn't be on the list is that Duke university is there too.


Mr Zop

My Hometown of Vancouver has been voted 2nd best city to live in, in the world for the last 5 years in a row. its behind some australian city. Good times. Gotta love Vancouver.


damn Memphis is the a bad way


#3...used to live there in college, and a bunch of friends are still there...ehhh i don't buy it, i guess maybe if you have kids.

great to hear ya on the podcast, awesome to hear you and kevin again...the tears in my eyes are evaporating into candy right now.


Sioux Falls, SD I believe was #84.

Was sad that we were so far down the list this year.


PTC made #8. And if you read the profile and were wondering, yes, everybody drives golf carts. Mine's pimped out with little chrome wheels.


Lookie there, Fishers, IN #24. Now, see that rocket shooting into space? That's gonna be my tax hike...


#61 Hummelstown, PA 19,600

The next town over from me. Directly next to the sweetest place on earth! Hershey, PA.


i love living in minnesota


Alex you are teh bomb love the diggnation keep em coming :D


Dude.. didn't know ur a Viennian. I grew up there -
Oakton High.

Small Wurld.

Robert Albrecht

Hey Alex

Nice Site. I am new in town and also from Northern VA (love the vienna area)

Stumbled across your website.. we obviously share a last name and a home state.. thought that was interesting..


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