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July 06, 2005



Interesting class...but I'm not much of a writer. :P

But why does it seems to me that all Kevin and Alex blog about plugs the site of a friend or such? :P


I would love to take a class like that, but unfortunately it's a bit of a commute from Canada.


I'm a film student, and I would loooooove to get that opportunity. If I weren't so broke, that'd def. be worth a flight!!! either way, thanks for thinking about your fans in that situation, show's a lot of character.




Would any of you happen to know someone attending/attended Devry Institute of Technology, or Katherine Gibbs ?

I am interested in majoring in Networking and Communications management.

I've been asking people that attended both for there opinions ,and Surprisingly there were lots of mixed responces.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

- Not very relevant to this post, but I am looking to attend a college shortly either Devry Institute of Technology or Katherine Gibbs.


Justin (NewYork)


When you said Nanny 911 I was hooked. Sign me up. Writing for infants must be harsh. Wow, I thought Nanny 911 was all taped live.


Oh, so sorry, can't do business with somebody who uses Flash. I don't have any reason why I hate Flash, but seems like lots of people hate it, so I hate it too. Same reason I hate fags and jews and blacks and jewish black fags and muslims and fag muslims and white muslims and anybody else you can think of


Hey Justin:
I'm in the same boat as you. I'm interested in attending Devry, and I'm looking for opinions of people who know about it. I have looked at ITT Tech and I'm not impressed. I'm looking at the Seattle branch.


Check this out Alex.

After the podcast someone set it up. I googled it after hearing what ya'll said about it and sure enough it was there, and for sale. 120 dollars.


Holy shit, your actually back.

Glad to hear things are going well and shit.

looking forward to the podcasting.


Holy shit, your actually back.

Glad to hear things are going well and shit.

looking forward to the podcasting.

Lewis Rhine

Hey Alex, that is aswome that you would do that for your fans if only i lived in area,

hey alex i would like to get a hold of you about a project, shot me a line if you could, thanks


Yeah, you did say you would have air conditioning by episode 2.


Thanks for the update...

(__http://www.[F] )

Alex Rocks

(__http://www.[F] )

Thanks, Alex


Hey dude, I'm glad you're back. Keep up the solid work. and good luck with your auditions.


I'm interested to hear what different beer they plug in each diggnation episode.


Hey Alex. If you aren't too burned out on SWG check out this new podcast

Tell Keith about it too.

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