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July 16, 2005



yeah ill buy it 1st post yeah!!!!! Jl0}


I love futurama. I can't wait for it to come out.


then it is true... God is real

The Gafster

God save us from crappy TV!


I hate Futurama. I saw it on adult swim, and was very bored by it especially with Family Guy before it and Aqua Teen Hunger Force after it.

Brian Staton

Hey Man, Can't Wait For Futurama Movie. Just wondering if you and Kevin are going to be able to still put out Diggnation Videos once he moves up to San Fransisco. It's great to see one of the last true Old School Screen Saver Faces back again (even if it was only around three months.) You should also be on TWIT sometime...or all the time. But I guess if you worked your schedule so that you could do all your fans wanted you to, it would be impossible, lol. Which also poses another question. Do you ever find it creepy having thousands of complete strangers gawking over your every move? Not that I do or anything...LOL jk. Kinda reminds me of something Roger Chang talked about...When you see a tv personally don't just stand there and stare. lol.


futurama kicks ass


Having new Futurama would be awesome! I can't wait!


Haha, great shows are making a comeback huh?


Lean how to download free stuff, using p2p!!!

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