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July 04, 2005



It's great to see you back, Alex. I wish you the best of luck in yout sitcoms and all you are doing. Also I can't wait for more releases of Diggnation.

~ Carlos


I'm gonna download it right now, it was a great first podcast I can't wait for more!


I just finished watching your first podcast with my boyfriend. We laughed so hard (only at the parts that were supposed to be funny). We wished it was longer tho. You and Kevin are just too interesting.

Mr. Shank

Alex --

You're a funny man. I enjoy your sense of humor. I'm glad to see your return.

I still have a copy of the skits you did on TSS with Kevin. The Doom 3 skit was the funniest shit I've seen in a long time.



Alex is back! Thank God. When he was presenting The Screensavers it was the funniest show on TV and the only program I actually made an effort to watch.


I never missed you or Kevin Rose. You both $uck.

Paul of Cthulhu

So... you like D&D - well, then go have a look at:

on the podcast front.


Do you have any information on the wireless mics you use, would be very interested to know more, as we could also use some!

Thank you for any help you can give.


The Return of the Albrecht!

God you nearly took as long as George Lucas did to return Alex.
Stop playing his software and git entertaining us with how often you and Kevin can say the word “dude” in your podcast!
: ) Kidding, we love it dude. You guys are the bomb. Keep up the good work.

P.s The screensavers sucked like a very big sucky thing when you left. [Despite Kevin R and Sarah doing the best they could with the G4 changes] Revenge of the Albrecht!


Well Al-b-Recht.
Looks like you may have took my advice on taking steps to start a Podcast/Vidcast eh? (one of the comments months ago).

Awesome! Rock on Alex.

Great DiggNation episode.

Have you thought about Voice over work for Animation, commercials etc. ?

As a showcase, maybe try to fit in some voice characters (british accent, Deep movie trailer voice, Country Southern, I dunno) to show your vocal range in the upcoming episodes. Show us what you can do. Mid level and lower registers...we already know you can hit the high notes. Remember, potential employers could be no pressure. Teehee.

Hey, can you perhaps see if you can get Kevin to open up on what happened with him and Sarah? His adoring fans are begging for details. they seemed like a perfect couple on screen. WhaHappo? Almost like close friends of ours (well virtually) that where a couple than split up. Virtual family, ya know, for those of us with no lives lol, or crappy family in real life.

Oh sheet! Wait a sec...Maybe Amber Mac went after Kevin when he visited Canada even though he was already taken....and Sarah is pissed. Or Maybe Kevin started seeing Amber even though he was taken (Ooo....playah, lol).

THAT's why nobody is talking. This is one of those UGLY breakups.

Somebody did somebody wrong thong song.

Aw hell, somebody bribe Foo to get the real story.

(Fek, this comment took a left turn. lol)

Mr. Shank

It's always funny to see people take effort to produce hate and empty criticism on the page of someone they claim to "dislike."

I'd take it as a compliment. ;)


No need to post about it when Kevin already did Alex. ;)


Good luck with future 'casts.


Way to return to the tech world alex!


Listened to the first episode and wished it was longer. Gonna watch the video version as soon as I finish the d/l. Hated you at first on TSS, but dagnabit you make me laugh. I like to laugh more than I like tech, so keep up the good work!


Welcome back Alex!

The first show was badass!

We keep having a hoot over here about "Take the chicken"... good stuff. Keep em coming.

Former TechTV viewer

...Sorry, Diggnation #1 was pretty lame.


Ok. So I guess former techtv viewer doesn't understand what a pilot is for. But we do Alex. I actually thought that it was great fun watching you and kevin. It's great watching you guys. I miss seeing your dell butt in the window commercial. They should bring that back. Keep on doing what you're doing and invest in bigger bottles of Corona.


BTW. How is Diggnation going to work when Kevin moves back to SanFran? I'd think that'd be a bit of a commute. So what's up with the show then?

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