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July 02, 2005



listening to it right now. It rules.

Mr Zop

Big ups to you and kevin. Keep up the good work. oh and Alex. do you use this site when chatting with casting agents? after all having a nice following like this will help persuade them to cast you for whatever role you might apply for. you have people that will watch that show/movie ect. i suggest using that as a sell point.

just my $0.02

Gregg Staroscik


Mr Zop

Hey Alex, How long have you been playing Guitar? I see one in the background. you crazy kids and your laptops.


Alex you kick ass!


Cool. I added it to my podnova subscriptions so it should download during the night.


That was hilarious. Just like when you two were on TSS together. Good stuff, keep it coming brother!

Peter McGinley

Excellent stuff Alex. Great to hear (and soon see) you again. :)


YES! Alex is back


Alex ! Very cool to hear you.
I Look forward to more.

Keep rockin' mang.

P.S. - Is there going to be an original Theme music User submission contest?

Maybe even a Graphics and Logo contest too.

No big prizes needed.... heck, it would be fun just to submit some stuff for you guys to consider.

No Doubt


Adam GeekGuru

"Remember sniglets?"

Alex you're fuckin hilarious!


Awesome, great to hear you and Kevin collaborating again. Back when you two hosted TSS, it was the shit.


Dude, you'd be awesome as the Joker.


That was incredible! You & Kevin together mix just the right amount of geek & humor to make a completely unique Podcast! Don't change a thing! I was completely blown away!

Awesome Job! By the way, you've got my vote over on podcast alley!



content is king!


great show


great show


Yay Alex and KRose!


Sad watching a failed career diminish even further. Time to put that Degree to work ;)

Anon Celeb

^ LOL, Cat Schwartz quit posting under anonymous alias's to take jabs at Alex, you're just jealous cuz Alex has a few ACTUAL worthwhile things going on because of his natural talent, and the only talent you have is showing your freakish Tits and unleashing that whiny nasal voice on the masses.

Damn. Get some voice lessons, quit acting like a 15 year old, quit pretending you know anything about the Tech industry (Poser shill for companies?), learn some HTML so you can edit your own damn web page, quit drinking so much, and maybe shed a few pounds.

BTW, if I'm wrong and this is that wannabe Vampiress in Drag Jessica Corbin or even Sarah Lame...please step up to the plate and say so, I have some constructive criticism for you too.

That is all.

Move along.

roy mccarty

i think its good you and kevin got something original going on as i quit watching g4 when you left. so keep up the good work and to all the people hating on alex F$%k off


someone has registered


You guys are awesome! Can I get an autograph??


You commented in show #1 about getting "This American Life" for your GF. It is not a straightforward item, but here is what I do for that show as well as others on NPR. I download the Realaudio stream using Net Transport , then use a program called Switch to convert it from Real to MP3. Sounds pretty good on my Creative, and works just fine. I am sure this is somewhat less than fully legal, for whatever reasons. If that is an issue, you can get them from Audible at $9.95 per month, and then use dBPoweramp to convert them to the needed format.

Great show.

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