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July 10, 2005



Why stop there beer is good but wine is fine. Just take sugar bakeing yeast and your faverite flavor of juice mix with a little water and let set for 30 day makes a upto 14% alcohol drink. Sweetin to taste.Drink or marinade a cut of beef and enjoy. cheers


I bought one of those homebrew kits a while back. I tried it but I brewed flat beer. It tasted decent, but no bubbles.


Beer isnt naturally carbinated lol, get a carbinator.


I am very glad to hear that you and Kevin Rose are working togther again. I hope to hear you on TWIT.


Try this site. Certainly the brewing magazine of the pros.


ShavB1 : ew. You'd be better off getting drunk on Nyquil.

gorbash : If your kit made flat beer, you may have had an air leak in the tank, or you may have had weak (old) yeast. Powdered yeast can be iffy because it can overheat when it's shipped - I've had much better results with the liquid refrigerated yeast available at homebrew stores. It's only an extra $5 to get your kit to come out great, and usually better-tasting too.

Beer can be naturally carbonated if you want it to be, it's called "bottle conditioning" or "keg conditioning" depending on, well, where you do it. You just add a SMALL amount of additional malt or corn sugar to the beer right before you put the caps on the bottles. The yeast eats this extra sugar and makes CO2 from it, which pressurizes the beer in the bottle. You should read about how much to put in before trying this, as too much sugar in glass beer bottles = shrapnel grenade.

It's a much different feel and taste than what you get with forced-carbonation, both because commercial "carbonation" gas is 70% nitrogen and only 30% CO2, and because the yeast makes much smaller bubbles than what you can get by forcing the air into the beer.

If you're wanting to know about beer and about how to start simple and get more complicated later, you should own "The Joy Of Homebrewing":

It's also worth stopping by the National Homebrewers' Association - find out if people are brewing in your city! Go to a club meeting, ask questions, maybe even get free samples...


Like I said in the Diggnation comment: Smirnoff Ice Triple Black. Huge fan of the stuff. Once you get a good buzz going it's like liquid candy.

The Gafster

Ah, Alex! Nice to see you're back. I was beginning to think you wouldn't show your face around here again.

The Gafster

Ah, Alex! Nice to see you're back. I was beginning to think you wouldn't show your face around here again. Nice to see you're okay, and in one piece.


I think somebody takes their homebrewing way to seriously. Don't be a hater. After all,In the end we all just want a buzz and a good time.


Life is too short to put up with bad beer. Good homebrew is necter ... bad home brew is little better than Coors or Bud.


Life is too short to put up with bad beer. Good homebrew is necter ... bad home brew is little better than Coors or Bud.


I have a friend that owns a place that sells beer and wine homebrewing accesiories...(Great Fermentations). Anyway for some real fun go to your local pub that sells microbrews and try and drink the alphebet...The Skull-Spliter...No false advertising there...whoa!


I've been brewing for 11 yrs now, good stuff and a great hobby.


A great site for the beginner or the expert homebrewer is . It is just getting on it's feet, but it will grow into a great community for brewers. Friendly people there will help you get started with your first batch. Just post a question in the forum.


I got started with the "Mr. Beer" kit located here: They give you the malt/sugar mix, a can of starter mix, and all the tools you need to brew your own batch. After I grew comfortable with the science, I moved on to making my own mixes. My favorite home brews happen to be wheat. Theres nothing like a nice cloudy wheat beer with a lemon. Man, I'm thirsty now.


Hey! If you goto and check out the BYO label contest. Im the 6th one down. An iPOD spoof. Im also homebrewer and started a brew club in Beloit WI. The S.B.S. Im a beer whore Ill drink anything. PBR to Guinness

This ebook site got me intersted two years ago.

I've been hooked ever since. In fact, this saturday i will be brewing an organic pale ale.


On the food network Alton Brown did an episode on brewing your own beer. Here's a link to the recipe on the website (I'm sure there are more on the foodnetwork website),,FOOD_9936_20302,00.html
Neptune Ice, a new forum and community has just launched. Check it out at

Debbie Hammer

The easiest and best homebrew kits can be found here , you still need to purchase a basic brewing kit, but the end result is awesome.


found another great site with an ebook for making your own

cool name huh

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