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June 29, 2005


Ken Prezkop

It's cool that you are back. Good luck on all of your work. :)


Did your comedy group do a fake AOL 6.0 commercial at one point in time.

-- yep, that's Alex

Break a leg big guy -- and don't "hate" on my cat so much...Ellen Degeneres who declared him "not funny looking" when she met him


Hmmm, you didn't post for over 3 months and that's all you've gotten accomplished? :-P
Boo Alex, you were good on TSS, but you've really lost me as a fan. I can understand being busy but to ditch us all for over 3 months and not even come back with real pizzaz (come on, a digg podcast? Please...there's a ton of other, better 'casts out there. )
Another thing, you live off improv and stuff? Does anyone know how this guy is surviving, since he seems still unemployed since Nov.04.

Anyway, come back in another six months when you actually have some decent news. :-P


omg omg, you're finaly back. god damn alex you're awesome man, so f. funny. glad to see you're back man, you need to get on TV i wanna see you everyday, kthxbai.

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