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January 03, 2005


Stephen S

I think with the major push Microsoft has been doing with the Media Centre PC extender for Xbox (at least in the area where I live. It seems Best Buy and Futureshop keep giving the push for it) I think that the Xbox II will be a full fledged Media Centre Xbox. It will probably be smaller than the Xbox and it will more than likely have all the features that have been rumoured about such as PVR and a DVD burner functionality. Microsoft is all about streamlining everything. And it wouldn't be that hard to set that up with the Xbox II. All you need is the existing software that is used in the current Xbox, tweak it a bit to add more features, and then add a menu option for Media Centre. With that in mind they will have the DVD playback built in and the Xbox DVD remote will have the functionality of the Media Center remote. Makes sense. I don't really think that they'll just make a regular PC with a monitor and everything that can play Xbox games, Then it won't be a console anymore it will just be a PC. I know that is basically stating the obvious, however if you think about why Billy Gates made the Xbox it makes sense. He made it to compete with Sony and the PS2 because Sony was stating that the PS2 will be the next big Home Computer(or something similar to that), and Billy didn't like it. I know there is more to it than that. It just makes sense from a certain point of view. Now with that said, I think that the Xbox II will be really cool if they added the Media Center built in. I've always wanted a MCPC but it was too expensive to buy one. Have my fingers crossed!

That's it I'm done. If you've read this far, sorry for the long post. LOL

David Hughes

...and Sony, or whichever company they bought the rights from, pretty much stole it from the real inventor of optical storage Jim Russell. I was unaware of this until I saw it on Slashdot recently.

Salshdot links to the Seattle Times story:


Great info. I can't wait. Thanks Alex.


This is completely off topic... and completely off any possible topic... but whatever. I didn't know where else to share this information:

I had a dream last night that Alex starred in some major Hollywood film and won an Oscar. Weird. It's not weird in concept, since Alex is a wonderful performer and a talented actor... it's just weird that I had that freakin' dream. I mean, I'm not gay and I was just a casual fan of Screen Savers. Why the hell am I dreaming about you?!

But there you go. Maybe I'm psychic.


Backward compatible?


That's awesome now all we need is for xbox II to have tivo like functionality to be a real media center.

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Happy New Year!


I find all this pretty dubious. A flash based hard drive is possible, but not at a large size. This means that modding, if possible, would be limited by size without a hard drive replacement -- and it'd be easy for games to test for a flash versus rotary hard drive by doing a quick read/write benchmark. It's hard to imagine MS building in more than a 512 meg flash card, given the cost -- so emulation and XBMC might still be possible, but forget about backups. There's also the issue of flash memory dying after a finite number of write cycles -- if MS still intends to cache in-game data with the HDD rather than just store downloaded content and game saves (the way they did with the original XBox), this could become a problem for many users.

The other fishy thing here is the DVD item. It's just patently wrong, making me wonder how truly "in the know" this source is. For one thing, Panasonic released a combo Gamecube/DVD player in Japan. For another, lots of companies besides Sony make DVD players. Now, yes, MS would have had to obtain a license, but that's not so impossible. Licenses have to be universally available to stay on the legitimate side of antitrust laws.

I don't know what to believe about the new XBox, but I don't really believe this. Sorry Alex.

big tink

MS sources have told me that the Xbox 2 DVD drive will be a propriatary drive developed in house called HDDVDX wich will play DVD, HDDVD, blueray, CDR.



The Gafster

Hey Alex;

how's it going? Listen, this is a bit off topic, and I know the whole g4techtv thing has been flogged to death, but I found this great editorial that you just have to read on the situation. Its a reminder of just how far the station has fallen from its original roots. It seems like not everyone in video game land is enchanted with g4's new purpose:

Hope you had a good Christmas, and all the best to you in the new year.



I will be one of the first in line I promise you that!!! Thanks Alex for the great inside info!!!

Pic from Hawaii Bowl up! More to come at the end of the week!




Michael G.

Wow, man! You are like... so 1337! That's some very very awesome stuff you got there. I don't trust you 100% because Microsoft is like a mafia and wouldn't want to let anything out like that. But the info seems very reasonable considering all the other info I've heard about the Xbox two. Thanks for keeping us up to date with some good info.


hey, what does a PS2 and Michael Jackson have in common?
they're both gay! ...maybe so, but the real answer is that they're both plastic and little kids turn them on


Sony doesn't own "the Intellectual Property rights for DVD playback", the Motion Picture Entertainment Group (MPEG) does...

Walcy Carroll

Keep up the awesome work...


Come visit my blog!!!!!!


Your post was picked up by Engadget and taken with a grain of salt so they say. -

Mighty Mik

"Alex Albrecht, formerly of TechTV"... shouldn't this read...Alex Albrecht,Dell Dewd(or is that Dell Dood?), and formerly of TechTV... :) As to flash...hasn't 4GB and 8GB at least been announced, if not available (and will be by the time the XB2 is available)? Should make for fast boot times.


hey alex your post made it onto the news page of good job!


xbox is gay ps3 will pwn it


I don't think you guys are thinking about the right "flash" drive. The type they would use for the xbox wouldn't be the same as say an SD card or something like that. I think it's more like volitile memory, where it only holds info when power is present, kinda like RAM. If flash memory is used, I don't think billion doller MS would be dumb enough to use memory that would (probably) malfunction after a year or two of use. I'm not sure how many writes a given game session would make to the HD, but I sure it's at least a few hundred times per game.

Then again, flash memory has been advancing constantly, so maybe if they do use memory that could be worn, xbox 5 would be out by the time it's worn out.

And if the xbox is gay, then the ps3 is gonna be a coked-out tranny after a hard night with the lakers.

Alexy Fag

You're the biggest homo I know, Alex. Are you cool yet? Well, are you? We both know what you're saying isn't 100% true.


Maybe XBOX 2 will have a decent game besides just Halo this time around, so Sony doesn't give MS another round of ass-kicking in the console arena. With the Cell processor and nVidia behind it this time around it looks like the Xbox will struggle again. :(


sound hot to me!

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