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December 08, 2004



first post!!


hey alex u play world of warcraft?


man, I wasted so many hours and days of my life playing SWG... I was a droid builder... spent much time building stupid crap like crafting tools and fireworks.

If you ever come acrossed any top quality crafting tools with the name Katara (Katara, Katana, I can't remember) Corp, their mine... I made thousands and sold them all.


Hey everybody. Alex said you could play it for free for a few weeks, but he never put a link up. It sounds like a great game, and I would love to try it out. Could someone please post the link here, or email it to me. thanks - FreeiPods help page


Hey alex man, if you ses this can u email me the link, i cant buy the game cuz im leavin for the army in jan, so i wanna play the free trial while i can lol, i know i know im cheap but oh well i dont wanna pay 50 bucks to play the game for a month, cuz ill be gone for a good 9 weeks in basic, um yeah email me the link to


Why don't you use bittorrent to distribute your demo reel?


where is the free trial? i used to have it but i didnt play it and i dont kno where to get it again.. alex can u put up the link cause i want it again to play


I don't think the trial is active anymore. Granted I only looked on the web for 5 minutes but all links to the FREE trial came back one way or another to FilePlanet which list the link as inactive. Here is the OFFICIAL link at the Star Wars Galaxies site but like I said....I think it is over. (Even if you found the software I think the issue is on the need to switch to a full membership by July 31, 2004) If I'm wrong on this let me know.....


Open a gmail account and put it on there. Free and fast upload.


Alex, check into and possibly Coral:

They could help with distributed bandwidth.


Reason i dont play the game, or any other mmorpg is because it has taken my friend's life...very sad, i know...he isnt dead of coarse but I mean he is just not there anymore. Its like he is on some drugs. All he does is the game (lineage is the game by the way). In school all he can think about is lineage. I dont want to turn out like that. I stick to the shooters...if u ever see noghead rockin the high score in a fps multiplayer game (like cs) thats me.

SoE booooooo!

Atleast you aren't paying for it... Do yourself a favor and buy WoW. Blizard >> SoE. Kevin knows...

Mr Zop

2GB.. Wow... this might take awhile.


Alex. I want to see some pictures of you currently.. Right now im visioning you with dirty clothes, scruffy beard, 30 empty bottles of bawls laying around, drooling at the computer. LoL



hey alex, this is my first time postin, well i hate the fact that you got "let go" your were the best host there, i just want to say, gonna miss you and the new guys suck.


Hey man,
I agree, you gave the show a lot of charisma. Speaking of which. I was wondering if there is any video available online of the intro you and KR did that was a lightsaber battle with you two throwing debris at eachother and the whole deal. I want to watch that thing again. I was cracking up at it. Just wondering. I also caught a commercial you were in, nice job.

Jesse K

Alex! Playing galaxies? I think we all can tell Alex has a little too much time on his hands. Go out and get a job you lazy bumb!!!! LOL, just kidding. Enjoy your time off. Some of the best times of my life were when I was temporarily unemployed!!! =)



Cool, Alex. I'm not into MMORPGs but that's probably cause I don't have the time. Have fun with it, and I can't wait to see your acting stuff. Wow looks cool too though. I still haven't seen a Dell commercial with you yet, but I'll listen for it. I miss you on TV, too.


Dude! I feel the exact same way. The first like 2 weeks, I was typing "sorry, im a n00b" like 10 times a day. But once I learned a bunch, I was so drawn into playing. When people ask me what I did over last summer (even though I did a bunch of other stuff also) I tell them "I played Star Wars Galaxies!" and then they walk off But seriously, after the summer, it was back to school and I had to focus. I couldn't be sitting in school wondering if my dewback was going to level up today, when I am supposed to be listening on how to do the homework. I can't for around christmas time, I'm ganna get myself a 2 month card and get back to work. I also am still at the "ass handed to me" stage. I'm a pistoleer, and I feel so weak. I'll be friends with this girl on there, and I'll go hunting with her, and I'll die fast as hell, and there she'll be taking on like 6 creatures at once. Doesn't do much for the male ego. If I was on your server, I'd totally go hunting with you man. Whats your name on there? I may pick the game up again this christmas break, if I feel up to going through the painful process of slowly getting to the point of not completely and utterly sucking, I may see you on there.

p.s. "/punch" a Stormy for me...gotta love those fines.


oh, my bad, didn't notice that you had your SWG name in the post, I was thinking that it was your server's name or something, maybe I should relearn how to do that whole "reading" thing over again.


alex, cant believe your a rebel scum. long live the empire!

Joey Cowie

DUDE You need to be on my tv again!!!

yeah okay cheap and lame Dell rip but i just wanted to express my sadness you aren't on TSS no more. You and the others. Man I didn't watch it seriously till the real change and you were co-hosting. ahh the frustration. anyways it sucks i wish you the best and want to see back on my tv soon damnit!! lol


Man, I'm not a pc gamer at all but if I get to play with Alex, I'm going to start.


Alex I have about 500MB of storage, with all the bandwidth you could imagine, it's the universities, but as long and I'm not imfringing copyright it could be posted.


i'm not sure if anyone else posted about this, too lazy to read and it's quite late, but put you demo reel on BT. i know, you need a tracker, is a free and public tracker, just seed that thing until you see there are other seeds and you are done. :)
hope you do that soon, i'd like to see it

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