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December 15, 2004



Nice Job. I know you'll find something soon. :-)

- Andrew


They kinda both sucked. Do you have any more?


Dude, you are hilarious! I hope you get some good jobs. Anything pulling through for you yet? Tell us about it!!


And mike, you suck! Go home you n00b.


niiiice niiiiiiice


Nice. Love the demo reel. Fucking hilarious. You were what held TSS together man.
Hope to see ya doing something else soon.

Brandon Watts

Good job, Alex! I hope some sort of job offer finds its way to you.


nice demo reel!!


TSS was so much more "fun" back then. Alex is who made it fun. Now its just a bunch of tight assed wannabe "tech journalists" who just want to talk about games and how good they are at them. I hope you find a place to land, Alex, and when you do, be sure to let us know!

Chris K

That is classic stuff dude. Hope ya find something soon


Good luck with your future jobs :)
Your reel's aren't to shabby. Get the quality a little higher and you will be good to go.


how come I can't see the movie? I could hear the audio one. What sort of player do I need?


That's awesome. Thatnkfully I have OnDemand programming and they have about 5 shows from when Alex was still there. I have been watching them the past day.


Great stuff man!!!


PS: Toadies was a sweet choice for the music.


Great work Alex,
Makes me miss you that much more....


Those were great. Alex is great on both film and on radio. Don't listen to mike, he obviously doesn't know jack. Hope you the best.

Hope to see you back on TV in the future.


Great stuff alex,I have to admit that i wasn't trill
when you came to TSS but you won me over with you humor. hope to see you on tv or anything else you do.

I haven't deleted my past TSS with you in them, Thank for the few but great TSS memories

Kevin Jacobson

Nice reel. Ahh the memories


You did those?......
if you want to diss G4 you can do some radio ads for AntiG4TechTV (! just email me at antig4ttv at gmail dot com or contact me through the site i'm nbx909.


That was good stuff Alex, can't believe they would fire you man...Maybe if that MSTechTV channel actually starts up they'll hire you!

Miguel Manalo

The best of the best... eh Alex? Ahh... brings back the days when I actually didn't change channels in the middle of TSS. Good luck with that, though I doubt you need it.


Those were really good Alex. I look forward to seeing you around.

golden sniper01



Hahahahha that caffeine bit was soooooo funny.


great job. but what was that show you did about your pants and at the bar. I'm curious to know.

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