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December 28, 2004


Michael G


Good luck, Alex! Have fun. Remember to keep posting on updates in your life. I know its kind of sad to follow someone else's life, but its great to have that kind of effect on people. We loved you on TV and hope to see you there again, where you belong. Don't forget to keep taking pics for your moblog.

Michael G.


Any clues to when we might see you on TV again?


sounds cool..Keep posting when you get back!


Moblog pictures, I wonder what Alex's girlfriend looks like? GO ALEX!


yay for alex he posted again...w00t 21 post (just in case) anywho good to hear from u alex and hope u have a good time w/ the gf. hope to hear some new crackin stuff from ya...happy 05 baby


hey have a good time alex. post a whole bunch when you get back


have a good trip


Hey Alex, Have you gotten any job offers yet ?


It's so cool you spend time with your gf AND her family on vacation. It would be nice to see the scenery on your moblog, if not people. Anyway, have a great New Year's!


Have a great trip Alex. Enjoy the chance to get away from all the madness. Happy New Year and we all hope to see lots of you on T.V. this year!


Hey Alex....Happy New Years man...all the best in the upcoming year....


i just had the worsted blow job i have ever had in my life


TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!!!! 'cause im going to b stuck with my parents or my boyfriends grandparents on new years. grr....


jeez such hateful comments... anyway have a great time with your Girlfriend


Same to you alex happy new year and to everyone else!!!!!!!!!


Where is the love people. If you dont like Alex then dont put him down. Instead walk away from the computer and sleep with your step-moms you Hill-Billy peices of shit. Have a nice New Year, ALex


who's playing World of Warcraft?


Happy New year ya'll


Hey all thanks for the comments I'm just about to walk out the door... Have a Happy New Year... and if you don't like what I'm putting on my site, stop coming here :)


Hey Alex, we were having repeats of TSS on TechTV for a while here in Canada so I didn't even realize you guys were gone until I read something somewhere on the internet. I'm so sad because I really got into the show this summer. You rule and maybe you can get a show on Canadian TechTV like Leo did. ;) Miss you, and have a happy New Year!!


Please sign up under me for a free ipod. Complete your offer for a free trial at then get 5 of your friends to do the same thing. Please help me out, I'm so close to a free ipod and you can be too. Thanks a lot.

By the way. Good to hear from ya alex. I'd love to see you back on tv and hopefully you can post the other dell vids because I havent seen them at all. Thanks. Happy new year!


HEy alex,you should make your own show. You become the boss.
Have a happy new year!


Have a Happy New Year.


PS love the Dell add.


hey i got $ 80 and i have no idea what to get and all i know is that i want to get something about computers or tech stuff. i know $ 80 isnt a lot but i just want to blow some money. anyone got any suggestios


Heya ALEX!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man here.

When you said that you were leaving for a New Years trip, I was hoping you'd all head up here to NYC for the bash! But alas, looks like your in Vegas from your moblog.

I'm taking a quick break here atop the Hilton-Times Square. Watching the city folk prep for the events tonight. Just wanted to chime in and say Spidey's got your back. Hope 2005 brings you a great gig so we can all laugh with you again on the tube!

Take Care Alex, And As I Always Say,
Keep On Slingin!

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