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November 11, 2004



Dude, you rocked... so what bar can I buy you a shot at tonight?

your stund double ;)



Thats stunt double!

Kevin Porter


You will be really missed. The dynamic between you and Kevin was what got me addicted to the show. I have no doubts that we will see you again somewhere down the road. Best of luck.



Wow man, I never saw this comming...... I still can't believe it

I don't think i'm gonna watch G4 after all this crazy shit they are doing. They are idiots.


It's been a pleasure. I hate to see it go down like this, but unfortunately that's the way the industry works... I guess. You were great; certainly didn't expect you to be an exact copy of Patrick. Make sure to keep us abreast of what is next for you. Take it easy...


Alex, you ruled. I liked you as much as I did Patrick. I wish it was April 1st, and this was all a joke. I can't believe G4. I don't know how I will handle this, since the Screen Savers, X Play, and Unscrewed were my life. Now 2 out of 3 are gone. Not to mention the only people that I can stand on G4TechTV are from the old TechTV (and you). I will check back here often now.

P.S.-You always made me laugh, man.


Duuuuude. That sucks. I'll admit, it took a while for me to adjust to the new format.. and, ahem, the new co-host. But honestly since the move to LA I thought that TSS had become a truly fantastic show. The friendship between Alex and Kevin was awesome, it was like hanging out with two geeked out friends and hearing about tech. Alex, I know you had a rough transition, but I for one enjoyed you humor and segments. Good luck with all you do... I guess I'll have to start watching for Dell commercials!!!

Randy Spriggs

Alex , dont give up. Please keep us posted. You were a welcome addition to TSS and I bet you all the naysayers are regretting it right now.

Fuck G4 , you can do better Alex. Seriously though , if Kevin was TRULY a good guy and a friend he would leave with you.

Alex , because I live in Montreal and now I cant ever go see the show , would it be possbile for an autograph?

God Bless You ,


Alex this is a crime you were great as Screensavers cohost. When I had a bad day at work I knew turning on The Screensavers and seeing you would cheer me up. I really hope to see you on tv again soon. Good Luck we will dearly
miss you.


Alex im sorry to hear about what happened. You were awesome and the show was all the better because of you. You will be missed. Whoever you go on to work for will be truly blessed. I wish you the best of luck. God bless, you will truly be missed by all.

Greg Brown

You did a good job alex, good luck in the future
I really cant believe G4 could do this to the only good show on the channel


wow this sux. Sorry man. I hope you and the rest of the fired employees land on your feet.

John Leschinski

This really is almost as bad as the merge.
Sorry to see you, and the rest of the gang go.
Good Luck.


I will miss you and the others who left, man G4 killed everything. I hate G4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Robert Manuel "aka CaptianM"

man why did they just kill the show even more
you were becoming part of the family and they just smothered some siblings
i really hope u can get a job
i dont think i can watch G4 anymore
they have killed what once was techtv
they have turned it into a gaming channel
i want tech stuff not just games


Please excuse my language. But that sucks. G4 does not care anything about Tech. And this proves it. I am here by finished with this network. You guys were great and I liked the new TSS. Yes, I mess the old. But I can live with the new.


Fuck G4. What they have done to TechTV, its viewers, and its employees, is pure bullshit. Alex, you were better than Pat and Leo. You made me smile at the end of the day with your humor, and informed me of the latest tech news. Good luck in your future.

slim billy

dude, i just posted on the TSS board in response to your commenting on the show how no one liked you. you were doing great. you and kevin, yoshi, sarah, and dan had just started clicking. i loved the bit with the karaoke pc thing. and now you're gone. i'm sorry you got screwed. i sent my email of protest as i'm sure a buch of others have, but it's obvious that g4 has little interest in what the fans of the show want or else they wouldn't have done what they did. best of luck.


Alex, I only started watching the show just as you came on as host so you, kevin and sarah were the only host that I saw. You were awsome as host!!! you made tv fun. Good luck with whatever and Thanks for so many laughs.

Smoke a drink on me tonight.

Thanks Man.



WTF HAS G4 DONE?!?! omg this isn't some little change, they have literally took techtv and burned it down. Alex, you are gonna go off to much better things, don't worry. And a message to any G4 repersentitive, FUCK YOU. straight out. You guy's have ruined the only good tech show in all of TV History. I repeat, fuck you G4. I don't care what your reasons are.


Good bye Alex.

So they fire you when Canadians are having a moment of Silence to remember the dead of war? How Ironic.


I think you all should remember, it's not just G4's fault, The original people that made G4 are gone, Comcast was the one that got Tech Tv from a Paul allen (who was selling it, so blame him for giveing it up in the first place)

So G4's new managment fucked it up.


They are IDIOTS, man for letting you go, I love how you just randomly said halirous things. I got more into watching TSS when you started, you and Kevin together were awesome.
It's like they let you go as soon as they hired you. That is freakin retarded and I will miss you! I hope you still keep this blog going so your fans can check up on the life of Alex.
Hey, Alex take care! Don't worry your fans are shouting a big F*U to G4.
Good luck and much success to you in your life!

Randy Spriggs

Maybe G4TTV Canada can employ him. Please try Alex :D

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