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November 23, 2004





I'm kinda thinking that with the legal department at gwhore Kevin's DarkTips are pretty much going to be at most "3 o'clock in the afternoon and overcast skies" tips. Not Happy!


I'll be waching the first episode also, I can't promise any more than that.


But will it still be live?!??!


Well, they aren't changing the name of the show... yet.


i will also watch the first show, but after that i dont know what ill do...


Great (I suppose)But you! Whats up with You? A diffrent show? more commercials? McDee's fry master? What


TSS's title will be changed to TGS. (The Game Savers)
Gamer's and geeks.... Can't we all just get along??!!

But, all of us geeks know we are intellectually superior to gamers!!

Big Glare


Mr Zop

Wow. I love ya Alex. You better get a T.V. job. cause Your a Funny Mofo.

I hope everything at TSS works out. Even thought the outcome looks grim.

What ever happened to your Xbox? You beat the system yet?

Mr Zop

P.S. Two Kevin's? Confusing.


As far as I am concern TSS is over. Make way for
another gamer show. Oh well at least my cable bill will
be cheaper since I cancel G4Tech - Garbage TV

Kevin what are you doing???????Sounds like a big mistake to me..


Man that sucks. I hope you get something else going man. At least do us all a favor and keep up to date with this blog so we can see what you are up to and how you are doing.

I didn't get a chance to mention it before, but it sucks about what happened man. After giving you a fair shot on the program, I thought you were a riot, and a real asset to the show. I like most others don't accept change very well, but after I saw you enough on the program I knew I was wrong to judge so quickly.

Although I feel it was wrong of them to drop you from the show, and feel the urge to boycott because of that, I too will watch the first ep and give it a chance.

I wish you the best and hope to see you again sometime in the future. Keep us posted!


I'm glad Kevin is going to be doing some writings for Dark Tips ...but I wish that he was the host...cause I do not care for either of the two new hosts....but thats me I might watch the first like five seconds and then switch...but its not going to be the same and that suxs... :(


Hey man I really hope you will get a new show or some movie/TV work, It only took me one show to get used to you and after that I though you where really funny, like a young Leo laporte! lol anyhoo, I knew this was going to happen, The only reason G4 bought TechTV was so it could reach a bigger audience. F'in reminds me of Rob Lowe's character in Wayne's World, must take over small cable show and exploit it! F'in a'holes! Man this sucks so bad! I want my TechTV!!!!!!


I still can't believe that you're no longer going to be hosting. :[

PS thanx for responding to my email. :D :D :D


That sucks that you foo yoshi and others wont be there go to a taping and sit there... (menacingly)


May I say from the delights of Sunny England tha it's been a pleasure to watch TSS drop into my desktop thanks to BT, SuprNova and Azureus ;)

You've really cracked me up and I am determined to use some of the TSS sayings "this ... not so much" and everything being a little guy hehe.

Look forwards to Azureus picking up your future career Alex. Hey you could come over to England and set up on Bravo or something with the gang ;D


And so what is the purpose of replacing hosts? What market is g4 after anyways?


Kevin Pereira is a jackass Nuff said. TSS is dead in my eyes and many others from what I've been hearing. Oh well I just hope this gives Kevin R. More time to put out some new episodes of "The Broken"


I won your phone, please reply to my emails..


Kevin Pereira is not that bad, he could make for a "ok" host, however i always thought Chi-Lan Lieu was just plain bad.

But because Kevin (rose) is not hosting, i have no real reason to watch it.


Fucking Gamers. Why do they need a 24 hour Gaming network? Those losers cant stop playing there crap ass video games long enough to watch a damn show. Now I enjoy video games when im bored, but as far as listening to someone talk about video games, I would rather Punch myself in the face for a couple hours.



I wont ne watching. TSS is now flooded with Gwhores. I hate that annoying bitch china girl. I cant listen to her talk without wanting my head to explode. Kevin Perriera sucks too. Fuck this, the old TSS is gone forever. Thank you Alex for trying to stick to the shows roots when you hosted, and fuck them for firing you.


Who is this other Kevin guy?

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