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November 20, 2004



Robert got the boot too Steve.

Just Eric

No.. but based on what I am reading about the new hosts I am very afraid..

I'm afraid that what Alex said is true.. TSS IS CANCELED

I think I can already smell the stink from this rotten diaper and it hasn't even landed yet..

(thanks for the Leo Laporte link Netaku , while I'm sad at whats become of TSS, at least Leo seems to offer a glimmer of hope for the future.. What Leo said is the only thing I have heard so far that actually makes me feel better about all thats happened , well for the future anyway..)


Robert Haron knows his stull too bad they let him go but then this shows that tech isn't what G4 want.
Hey Alex you think you could post a full like of TectTv people or ask Joey? I like to see if anyone else has a blog out there too as I think would everyone else would too.



New site: IPOD PHOTOs!!


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Link to Leo's Radio comments:

In Leo's own words "G4 will crumble within a few months"


I just finally heard about the news yesterday and it made me want to cry. Well, it made me more upset as well... Mostly upset over how sudden it was. I always looked for you guys having fun on the show every weekday and even the reruns on the weekends.

I hope I can still enjoy TSS and continue supporting the ones still there until the G4 ship finishes crashing and burning...

Hope to see you somewhere else in the future.


Leo's take on the G4TechTV mistakes, listen.


Hey Cyber Corsaor I have a blog

Im no Kevin , Patrick or Yoshi but Im trying to tell people about sites that I like and software that I like plus I have polls up to vote on so give it a shot. Im just a guy trying to maybe help even a couple people would be nice with the posts I put up. If your an Ebay user you might like todays post if fraud worrys you but like I said I just want to help if I can and for TSS I believe they should have had shows on Monday Wednesday and Friday five days a week is alot to try and keep fresh for the TV viewer. What TSS needs is someone like The Discover channel or something to pick them up even twice a week would be good. I also thank Leo KFI site is good for users anyway take care all and Alex I wasnt your biggest fan but I believe you would have been good back for TSS about a year ago before the rise of video games.


Just to let Alex (and everyone else) know suprnova is accepting beta testers right now for a NEW P2P only the first 5000 poeple will be accepted so get over to and sign up.


"As for Unscrewed and Martin? Good riddence. That was a whole lot of garbage occupying a segment of TV space."

Maybe, but it was still a million times better than any G4 show...

Matt Wolfe

That sucks so much about The Screen Savers. That was the best show. Look at my website and post on there.


just saw your dell commercial, so kicked ass


It is really sad to see that you didnt survive the TSS Genocide... God Bless


I just saw the Dell Xmas commercial recently as well, nice. Made me hate Dell a little less.

And that AOL parody, I remember seeing that a helluva long time ago, so it's just kind of weird to know that I've seen Alex long before the TSS and didn't even know it.


Just saw your dell commercial, man it had me freaking out for a sec. I was like "Whoa, is that Alex?" Great Stuff.

Crazy Caboose

I saw the aol i still havent seen a dell commercial with Alex in it.

Im Caboose...And Im Crazy


Well TSS is offically over I can't believe they are going to have Kevin Tinkerbell Perriera and Chi Lan as the new hosts. I feel bad for Leo after 6 years of hardwork having to watch his creation be destroyed in 2 months. So should we start a pool on how long this show is going to last because I can guarantee most of the tss viewers will stop watching the show.


I think G4 will soon relize that the screen savers was fine the way it was. I liked the show with leo and pat, I liked the show with pat and kevin. I liked the show with kevin and alex. But when you totally change a show around and get new hosts, its NOT the same show. This show doesnt deserver to be called TSS, its not TSS. "revamped" is an optimistic way of saying canceld. TSS was canceled. They are making a new show ( ENTIRLY DIFFERENT) ANd putting the TSS tag on it. I think alex was a good replacement for pat. But of course these are my oppinions. F(_)ck G4.


here is the new host kevin pereras bio from G4 notice how much the owd gaming is used in it.

"Kevin Pereira started his first 2 node 14.4 "all gaming" bulletin board system at the ripe old age of seven, and has remained closely connected to the gaming scene ever since. At the age of fourteen he launched a gaming, music and internet-culture related internet radio show, which brought in an excess of 600,000 unique hits and streamed out over 30 gigs of RealAudio goodness weekly.

"Pointless Audio" eventually evolved into "Pointless TV" when Kevin "Captain Immy" Pereira began creating short films for his high school video productions class. One of Kevin's projects, featured on his gaming-related comedy site "", earned three California Media Festival awards and helped him obtain a full grant to the Academy of Arts College in San Francisco where he studied film and television production for a whole three-and-a-half months. It was then, after working at an ISP as a network administrator for five years and at a county-wide government television network, that he decided to pursue a career at G4techTV Television.

Pereira is also the "coolest and greatest gamer ever", and smells like salt. Seriously."


G4 made a bull shit move.

First 10 people to go to webhacker, register, and post 50 good posts on the forum gets a gmail account

Matt Wolfe

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wtf, g4 is a bit slow in the head, they will "get the picture" sooner or later (probally later) what they did to g4techtv, and how less and less people will be watching, i hope it really dose crumble, like leo said. I rather have it crumble then be reminded of this crap.


Thanks for the heads up Alex!!

It's sad what they're doing!
All the best Alex!!


got this from great site should register

fight them make their next couple of weeks misearable I'm going to personally copy every single message from here and send it to all teh addresses

G4 Media:
(310) 979-5000

Charles Hirschhorn
CEO, G4 Media, Inc.
(310) 979-5001

Alan Duke
Senior VP, Business & Legal Affairs
(310) 979-5050

Tina Kowaleski
VP, Program Development
(310) 979-5320

Vinnie Longobardo
Senior VP, Programming
(310) 979-5301

Debra Green, COO
(310) 979-5002

Dale Hopkins
Senior VP, Affiliate & Ad Sales
(310) 979-5020

Peter M. Green
Senior VP, Programming & Production
(310) 979-5310

Laura Civiello
VP, Acquisitions & Development
(310) 979-5305

Julie Fields
VP, Creative

G4techTV viewer feedback hotline:
(800) 839-7880

Fax G4 at:
(310) 979-5100.

Send Postmail To

G4 Media, Inc.
11301 West Olympic Blvd.
West Los Angeles, CA 90064
G4 Media, Inc.
12312 West Olympic Blvd.
West Los Angeles, CA 90064

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