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November 20, 2004



Alex, you should make autographs available on Ebay! Looks like the phone is doing well and it would bring you a little income between jobs! ;)


You're a great guy. I jibed with your personality from the beginning. As a long-time fan of the show I just hate to see the way things have gone down. For the longest time, now, I've paid the extra $14 for the digital tier just to watch you and the gang talk about the stuff that interests me. Even my girlfriend was pulled into the show... and prior to knowing me didn't know squat about mp3 or anything outside email. You're a stand-up individual for honoring friendships and even though I hail from the great states of Nebraska and South Dakota, I want you to know you even have a friend in the boonies of America. Keep us all posted with where you end up and if you and the gang ever put together "an evening of drinks with those who got axed" don't be surprised if some fans from across the country show up to offer support! Thanks again, for making the extra $14 more than worth it. Take care.

P.S. And if you ever want to take out some frustration on Halo 2 Live, lemme know! My Clan would be very sympathetic and let you win, I promise. It could both personal (stress-relieving) and professional (damn gamers taking over the world) retribution. Muahahaha!


When you take the effort to move A show and the people that go with it to another city, you would think to give it more time than 2 months.Kinda like selling the horse after you buy the cart makes no sense!
What makes it just as bad is the timing!less than one month before the holidays,CRAP pure CRAP!Hell I was fire from A job once on April Fools,that was A kick in the pants.
Well good luck to you Alex and all of your friends that where let go also.
If Kevin and Sarah are not the new (or old) host after the revamp that is A real slap in the face!!!

Best of Luck
Glenn M.


Just saw you in a Dell Commercial Alex. Congrads on getting back on tv so fast.

Way to go!

Urf The Wog

I hate lawyers and accountants. I'd bet this is why there are changes. TV shows stay on the air if they make money - period. Execs care about the bottom line - not fans. This is the real world kids - money talks - talent walks.

I knew things were going downhill when they started having that moronic hockey thing in the beginning of the show. WTF!!!

My guess is that the show will be outsourced to India, cut down to one show per week, and have 17 minutes of content and 43 minutes of advertising (directly or indirectly).

Too bad Alex, I thought you were pretty funny and offset the ubergeek Kevin pretty well.

Maybe it's time for a career change, I heard there's a big market for male prostitutes

$:-) : 8-

- woohoo.

Good luck dude.


All this stuff sucks...Alex, initially I was on the fence when you started on TSS...but soon found myself laughing...the mix of tech and entertainment was good.

Hope things work out for the best...

read in previous comment:
"g4 is geared towards the idiot demographic" ROTF!
Perfect description! Hence the single syllable show names, Cheat, Pulse, etc


umm dunno if it's just me - has Joey's site been DOS'd?


At this point TSS and G4 interest me about as much as getting kicked in the balls by a horse...

Zachary Durst

Stupidity makes me sick

Looks like I'm staying home... I guess I can for once in my life indirectly thank g4... free day for me tomorrow...


has anyone watched G4 today? i tivo any screen saver episode and when i watched todays (sunday) G4 in all their briliance dedicated the day to the nintendo DS and how do they do it? they make the screen a replica of the nintendo DS... the shows picture is actually smaller then my PIP! what a great way G4, you actually developed a way to make even more people think your channel is shitty shitty shitty. although i am impressed with the DS's graphics lol (still won't buy it)


check this out


Thanks for throwing tidbits our way, Alex.

As Tone up yonder noted, there are those of us in the boonies who are noting your (and other ThursdayBloodyThursday folks) activities with interest. And if there were "an evening of drinks" I'd buy a round for you guys. Keep us posted.


Yeah I watched today's TSS because it was the one I missed two weeks ago and also the final TSS worth watching (Alex's last show). That DS bullshit was damn annoying and they did it over the top of one of the all-time classic TSS's with Alex in full form and laying on the comedy beatdown. You look at that one episode in particular and you just have to ask yourself WTF is Gwhore thinking? Oh wait, I know, they're not thinking about good TV, they're thinking about how they can get more cash into their grubby, grubby hands. Scumbags. And I mean that in the literal sense. They're a bunch of condoms.


From mAg above:
"read in previous comment:
"g4 is geared towards the idiot demographic" ROTF!
Perfect description! Hence the single syllable show names, Cheat, Pulse, etc"

Psst - there is a difference between a single syllable and a single word. But apart from that ... total agreement :)


This doesnt have anything to do with the post ,but Does anyone here know an application that will Convert MND (music net download) to MP3 format ??? I have been going into forums and not one person knew. If anyone can help me out please email me at: or post a comment in here or on my site.



Hey everyone Ive been thanking about making the switch to SATA Hard Drives from ATA100s has anyone made the change and if so was it worth it also vote on my sites poll if you watch TSS on 29th


I'm trying to start a free ipods site so everybody can win alex if you read this please help me out with this.


Now you all know who i been talking to.....

Hey Alex when do the Dell ads run? i been watching for them here in Sac...



Thanks for the info Alex. Kudos to you for being sensitive to those that are still at G4 & don't know what the future holds for them there.

Hope they all can find new employment where their talents are appreciated! ;)


The idea of these hybrids scare me-at least the ones that are made now. I don't drive an SUV and i'm all for fuel economy but the idea that if I'm in a car accident a hazmat team will be called to the scene because of the high current power lines running through the car. Not something fun to have to cut through.


all I need to know is that YOURE NOT a part of it.

no kevin=no watch no alex=no care

like really WTF is G4 doing? are they really monkeys with downsyndrome?
they are sinking themselves deeper. all they have going for them is Call for Help 2.0
and 85% of the population cant get it



What Leo has to say about the recenty firings at G4TechTV.


Everyone's been discussing for weeks now, now lets bring it to one central point.
This is the chance to organize a movement. Info, pictures, forums and more. Go to the submissions board and send us your pics, sigs, and everything else anti-g4.
Take the fight to them. Make them regret the day they crossed their viewers.
Take a moment for fond memories and then hammer it to the guys that destroyed them.

You can fight the power.


Crazy Caboose

The G4 execs. have to be the most moronic ppl on the planet...
I mean they revamping a show that was perfect the way it was.. what was it...5 million(or was it 50 million) ppl watched TSS On a daily basis..Thats go to be more than Cheat, Pulse, And Filter Combined...

And the reason there airing shows that are geared towards the idiot demographic is because thats the only demographic they can relate to...I mean if u walked up to a G4 exec. and asked him what HTML stood for..he would probably just stare at u blankly


whats up with all of this talk about alex in a dell spot. I haven't seen it, does anyone have a link?

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