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November 20, 2004



Cool..Divulge soon Dude!



Sadly, this isn't stuff I didn't already know. There's so much info I just want to let out but I've been told by a good friend *cough*Pragger*cough* to keep it under wraps until atleast an official statement is made. But I can tell you that I know who the new hosts are!


who are they


Eric  S
Is The URL Of The Yahoo Group For The Loss Of TSS

Eric S

Click to join tssfans


SO on Joey's blog it he says.......Kevin said "neither he nor Sarah will be hosting the new Screen Savers… I don’t even understand how they can call it The Screen Savers anymore… oh well, off to the bar to toast off the show properly"

I can't kind this on Kevins real did he say it and took it down or???

Is Kevin still a co-host?


It was said on a comment. Kevin posted today that someone was posting false information under his name.


G4 bastards!


I can say honestly I will no longer watch The Screen Savers at all if Kevin is no longer a co-host. Hes the only reason Im going to watch it from time to time. If they replace kevin with some G4 assholes then I think all the Old TechTV Fans need to put together a massive boycott.



Btw Alex, You need to join thebroken with Kevin & Dan. Next episode - "Disgruntled Ex-Employees Hack"



I really hate ppl that sat stuff that they dont know what their talkin about...Hopefully sometime G4 realizes that they made a grave mistake and bring you back...You and Kevin had that same chemistry that Patrick and Leo did...


I think all our bitching will be in vain.... G4 does'nt care, we should know this by what they are doing to our favorite shows. You can bet your ass if TSS was called: video game savers G4 would have left them alone. All they give a shit about is video games! I think the G in G4 stands for Gimp!


Did these ppl actually think that G4/comcast was gonna do the TTV network any good?


I knew it was bad from the beginning!


TSS will be ok if Kevin and Sarah come back or not there was TSS befor them and will be after now that said I hope Kevin comes back I thank all the bad rumors are people who were let go from the show and there doing what we all would do but I believe Kevin will be back if not maybe theres more to this that hasnt been told maybe G4 has reason to do what they did who knows only time will tell but none the less goodluck in the future Alex I wasnt fond of you but started to like you alittle more as time whent on however I will watch the new show no matter who hosts. Good luck to all TSS and former TSS.


Eddie... punctuation is your friend. :)

Gaaah, I'm anxious to find out what's going on. It's going to suck without Alex, Yoshi and Foo, that's for sure, but it's sort of a morbid curiosity....


Alex you might not be able to tell us everything but you could atleast say whether or not we are going to like the changes. I've watched the show since the zdtv days and I know g4 is geared towards the idiot demographic but they could of left one show for the intelligent folks out there. I'm not a gamer and I believe people who sit and play videogames all day and get excited over new videogames are intellectually inferior so if TSS starts with alot of gaming shit I'm gone. I use to like watching something that made me think and use my brain but apparently g4 doesn't think shows like that are worth while and people wonder why American children are dumber then stumps. Good luck to you Alex.


Mr. Albrecht, could you please pass on information to me. You could be anonymous. I am keeping info of everything that's happening at my blog. I have had over 2000 hits in a few days.

If anyone has info, please pass it on to me to put on my blog.

In the worst William Shatner voice as Kirk, "Bones can you revive it?" Bones replies, "I am doctor not a exective producer!" Seriously, I can't think of anything worst than to have lawyers edit the content of OUR viewing pleasure. I recall a class action against a local union which. I received a dollar. Yes, a single green back while the scum sucking lawyers scored $1,999.00 of my money. This goes with what Joey the Intern was saying about attornies (see scum in dictionary) censoring 'unscrewed'. I am unsure about viewing the new TSS because of what actions transpired in the last few weeks. I consider myself a resonable person who's tolerance is fair. I have removed G4 for my favoriates list and chose to clean the gutters of the house instead. That's me and now my gutters are cleaner than ever.


I don't mean to put anyone down but if i were to make a list of all tss cast members listing the order in which they should be fired ( if forced to do so;}) alex would have been the very last.

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This whole deal only goes to show how the people in charge of G4 have lost touch with the fanbase and are only looking towards profit. Without Unscrewed and TSS the network has little in the way of real entertainment. Too many reruns and way too much fluff to be worth watching for long. The talent that was let go may be in better shape then those left behind because I'm not sure what type of future the network has. For Kevin and Sarah and the other good people still there I hope things work out but I wouldn't bet on it. Keep your chin up Alex,I'm sure you have a great future. Keep doing those great Dell ads!


Just want you to know Alex, I left several angry voicemail messages on a few G4techtv lines. I hope they likey!


I just realized what happened to TSS. I was going through my DVR and noticed the reruns. I then went to Kevin and Sarha's sites and saw the news. I must say, I have not been much of a fan since G4 took over. I felt they are missing the mark in many ways. Gaming is big, yes, but not that damn big. G4 really does not owe anyone a show like TSS, but it is an informative show. I've not seen aything like it. It banded an entire group of people together and allowed the sharing of info like no other. Due to some of the content, maybe G4 was getting some heat from the record/movie industry or the......government??? Heck, TSS is/was the only show I watch on the digital tier anyway. May have to cann it now... Alex, thought you were great and brought a breath of fresh air to TSS. Sorry things ended so sortly and unprofessionally. Good luck in your future endeavors.


Seems like Corporate shananigans a foot. (An arm and a leg too.)

I tell ya, I seem to detect some kinda of mis mangement rat bastage workings going on.

G4 takes over TechTV then proceeds to immediately run the Tech side into the ground? Are the executives in charge that dense?

Didn't ratings show which program (s) were highest rated?

In trying to scour the net looking for some shred of Info on "what da heck is going on at G4" I haven't found much. The guy that mentioned earlier that he wanted to centralize info at his blog has the right idea. Neutral ground G4 can't lash out on.

I did find one interesting nugget. A post on slashdot awhile back by Will Wheaton (of ST:NextGeneration and former co-host of G4 show Arena) that details WHY he chose to quit working for G4. (I'll dig it up if you can't get Google to find it). Needless to say the heart of the matter was bad management and unprofessional treatment of show employees.

I suspect that may still be going on, from the looks of recent events.

Since G4 seems unwilling (or uncapable?) of capitolising on the wide interest of the Tech sector (instead with a narrow focus on Games).... maybe someone will pickup where G4 dropped the ball and start a new channel devoted to Technology.

Does the fact that TechTV got bought out mean that a channel devoted to Tech cannot be done? There has to be TONS of Tech sector ad sponsors potentially available. Computer hardware & software product makers, Consumer electronics including Home Theatre and Car audio, and other gadgets and gizmos.

TechTv owner Paul Allen sold out. That's cool. Get what you can. But maybe someone else would like to take a shot at starting the *only* network devoted to Technology.

Richard Branson (Billionaire of Virgin corp) seems like a pretty forward thinking visionary & cool guy...anyone have his email address? =-)

(Yes, I don't have much hope for G4, unless there is a major management change. BUT, if they get bought out.... the new channel might change for the better after all.)

P.S. - Alex, I enjoyed you on TSS, you grew on me...not like a fungus...but in a good way. Your sense of humor, while sometimes a bit hyper, was really great and you made me crack up many times. Almost Jim Carey quick. I especially liked how on your product demos how you would point out the Pluses and minus's in a straight up way. Regardless of what a vendor would like you to say. Very natural on camera. Someone will surely pick up on your talents. Keep us posted bro.

My Girlfriend wants 30minutes alone with you.


I have seen pictures of the new TSS host talking to Sarah and Kevin! click there and see~!

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