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November 19, 2004



if you buy a new car I will personally come over there and hit you in the head.

Before you buy a car get the things in works worked out


Dont get a ford....................

Saw the dell comercial also


Hey Alex, how's the job hunt? Switch to Directv yet?



Failure Of Research and Design


Start a PodCast already....


Well first off I would never tell anyone to but a ford ever again after what a dealer in Canada did to me.They sold me a focus that had been in a crash as a new car.Now the paints falling off and they won't fix it and getting it into court will take over a year.With that said I hear good and bad about the escape.

There are a few reliability issues such as braking but I hear for 2005 some of the problems have been addressed.The 2005 overall crash test by the IIHS is acceptable (the previous years were rated marginal) If you want good milage consider going to British Coulmbia and buying a Nissan X-Trail (Canada Only) It gets 36 MPG on the highway.Its a 2.5L four cylinder and has a huge list of standard features.If I can dump my focus then I might get one.I did try one out and the quality was excellent.

Finally good luck with finding another job.TSS will be empty without you.G4 made a huge mistake and it will cost them!!



Looks like you have quite a few choices here Alex, good luck choosing!

If anyone hasn't heard about the new friends only file sharing program, swing on over to Geek Out and take a look.


This is funny...when Did you make this Alex?


One Day I was watching TV and the phone rang, I hit the mute on the remote and answered, when I hung up the phone and looked at the tv, it was muted and on the local government channel that was showing all vehichle safety recalls. Anybody here who thinks that american made cars are even close to Japaneses cars in terms of quality and design is completely oblivious to reality. There is no way in hell I would buy a american hybrid, they just got on the bandwagon (finally) and they can't even develop their own technology. If I wanted a hybrid I would get a toyota (they have the most experience). There is no sense for me to get a hybrid because you only achieve the mpg benefit if you drive city or city/highway, I myself drive mostly highway. I have a 1991 Honda Accord with 228,531 miles and the only thing that has gone bad was the alternator at around 181,000 miles. Most american cars are ready for a negative equity trade-in around 100,000.


omg, if you trade a Acura for a Ford.
I ain't coming to this site anymore.
for the love of god...


I don't think all the people telling Alex to get a job before he trades in his car realize that it doesn't matter if he is employed...his daddy will get the check. Just like the car he has now.
We all know damn well that as far as technology television is concerned Alex Albrecht is blackballed like a moolie giving it to him in the ass. No company is going to hire an annoying, proven failure for ANYTHING on air. Can you blame them either?


Alex , don't buy an escape. you don't realize how good Japanese cars are until you buy an American. Lexus and Toyota are coming out with the hybrid version of their small SUV the Lexus 330 and the Toyota somthing

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My girlfriend drives an escape everyday and she loves it! It is about 2 years old and when it was time for the lease to be up, she wouldn't turn it back in! It really is a great car, she has the V6 4X4, and it has crazy power, my friend has the V6 4X2 model, and it is even faster. It's pretty smooth, has a lot of space, and actually pretty fun to drive.

David Hughes

I'd be careful buying a new model, so many things to go wrong. A hybrid SUV sounds like a great idea if not overly complex. I like the "keep it simple stupid" motto, if you want better mileage go with proven technology: diesel. Like someone mentioned above the VW Touareg has a diesel not sure how much it is in US$. Jeep has a Liberty with a diesel engine, ( the Liberty should compare in price with the Escape/Tribute. I'd go diesel, the new diesels are far cleaner and quieter these days than the used to be. You don't have to make your own diesel fuel but it's an interesting idea ( ). I'm looking for a full-size Dodge diesel 4x4 Cummins turbo-diesel, great truck, and pretty good mileage for 10,000 pounds of truck!

Jesse Riddle

They are an ok Suv...better looking then most and not to big so you think you trying to act like some half poor rapper. But yea my sister just got in a horrible accident. She hit a tree at 55, and the seat belt saved her. Although she did total the car, she was refrained. No broke bones or anything. Just cuncusion and busies. So i suppose the crash test was a very successful one. Im glad shes ok.


It does not qualify for the new CA carpool program where other hybrids (civic, insight, prius) will be able drive in the HOV (carpool lane) with only one person in the car.


My father works at a ford dealership, so he gets an official ford magazine in every month that talks about their new vehicles. Btw the '05 Mustang GT looks sweet as ever. Ofcourse it might seem me coming off biased, which I mostlikely am to a certain degree, but in all honesty from what I've seen it's a sweet vehicle. My brother actually has an escape '04 model though. And he gets great millage, and According to Ford's Official specs, the '05 hybrid Escape is suppose to get 35 MPG in the City and 31 MPG on the highway. YES it gets better mpg in the city than on the highway. The reason for this is because the electric motor kicks in at 25 mph or lower, and because of breaking and stopping at lights and getting stuck in traffic, you tend to spend more time at 25 and below in the city than on the highway. I'll check with my dad though and see if they're having any problems with them at the dealership.


hey alex. my parents have an 02 excape. great vehicle. just one prob we found...the gas peddal can stick, especially in reverse. not that big a deal though. excellent gas milage. u may wanna consider a higher-end package though, and get stereo that stores MP3s!


One thing to watch out for with the Escape Hybrids is that in a crash emergency workers may not be able to get you out of the vehicle. Big battery and metal cars don't really make people want to touch it. This is the same reason that Ford sells a fiberglass pole to its pry the mechanic off the car if he gets shocked(this is not a joke).

I have driven many Escapes and I really like them, if you are concerned about the mileage get the 4-cyl, or as someone else suggested, there is the new Jeep Liberty CRD.

As far as the mileage goes, most SUVs don't need premium gas so factor that in when comparing the mileage to the TSX. Of course if you really want to save on the mileage, get a motorcycle..55+mpg.

Michael Kosmatka

In the days of the $2.50 gallon of gas, Hybrid cars and their 2x the gas mileage are breath of fresh air (pun intended).

I know a few people who have had them - and they reported no problems (honda insight, ford escape, and toyota prius). When you go in, do ask what the warranty on the batteries is and whether or not it's covered under an extended warranty. I know toyota covers it to 100k.

Here's one catch - Toyota is the originator of the hybrid technology. Their 2003-2005 prius model (and any other toyota model) is utilizing their 2.0 hybrid technology (better gas mileage and recharge -etc). They licensed out their 1.0 hybrid capabilities to Honda, GM, and Ford. So if you buy any of those you're not getting the latest version (to use the software metaphor).

Go drive the Prius - it's an odd bird, but pretty damn slick.

Good luck Alex.


Everyone's been discussing for weeks now, now lets bring it to one central point.
This is the chance to organize a movement. Info, pictures, forums and more. Go to the submissions board and send us your pics, sigs, and everything else anti-g4.
Take the fight to them. Make them regret the day they crossed their viewers.
Take a moment for fond memories and then hammer it to the guys that destroyed them.

You can fight the power.



I read in...I think it was Wired mag, that the Escape Hybrid got much lower gas mileage than was posted on the sticker. The figures are created in controlled conditions, instead of actual highway/city driving. The engine revved up when accelerating just a slight amount on the highway.


I'm not sure about the specifics, but I have driven a Land Rover Freelander. Ford owns Land Rover and the Freelander and Escape are made from the same mold. The Escape is less expensive than the Freelander, but doesn't have higher-end amenities like removable roof and some upper-level off-road capabilities like Hill Descent Control. Other than those things, if the Escape is anything like the Freelander, it's a pretty good vehicle, and should be pretty capable off-road. IMHO


PS: I don't know how hybrid affects power, handling or experiencing it off-road...


I realize you probably arent reading comments after the first 2000 - but take the (2005) Acura TL for a test spin.. Bought one last week - it rocks!

270 HP.. awesome navi, voice command, XM radio, drives great.. and IT HAS BLUETOOTH for christ sakes.. its my 5th bluetooth device and probably most expensive. I think. yeah.. It is.


The new Ford Escapes are rubbish. I've rented an 04 for a week and I hated it. It's not a true SUV, limited off-roading capabilities, and has outrageous body roll.

A TSX is an awesome car, K-series engine is amazing. Though the car seems a little small imo. A far better upgrade (like many have said) would be the 05 TL 6-speed, it's rightly quick and feels solid. (Escape has an essence of cheapness, like all fords).

Or even better, cybernations stage II turbo for the TSX.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Going from a TSX to an Escape is a huge step down IMO. It's a great all-around car. Seems weird that an guy in LA would even consider a Ford...blah!

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