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November 19, 2004



From what I've heard Ford paid Toyota for its Hybrid technology from the first generation Prius. For this reason I would stick with the Japanese product you have, or wait for the Highlander - you'll be happy you did.
Toyota tells us that we'll have around 10 models available with hybrid technology withing 2 - 3 years.
(ps - family owns Toyota dealership)


I would definitely get an Escape, for a SUV I think they definitely look a lot better than all the competition, and the fact it's environmentally friendly is another great reason. If I had the money I would definitely consider one, a lot better than the POS tahoe I have now, just problem after problem, I will certainly be switching to Ford now, I must say has to be the best all round vehicle company out there.


Nissan Murano

Stylish and rated well for fuel economy.


Go w/ the escape i your aren't looking for a speedy car


Well I help build the Escape at the Kansas City Plant. As far as Ford paying Toyota, it was a patent thing. Both Ford and Toyota were devoloping the same thing and Toyota was first to patent it. But then Ford had a patent that Toyota needed so they just allowed each other use. Also send me an email Alex, I should be able to save you money.


Wait (and get) the Toyota Highlander or Lexus RX 400H. The Lexus hybrid SUV about to be released early 2005, is my dream car. If you want to live my dream, get that - but then again if the price is too steap, go for the highlander. Even if it's no different then the origional highlander it'll be great. Plus, although it may be a little bigger, a 3rd row of seats in the highlander. Now you can fit more then just your girlfriend, kevin, and sarah. How bout throwing yoshi and dan in the back. Or just a couple more ladies for yourself. 3 row 7 seat highlander or 2 row 5 seat lexus, your choice. But whatever you do I do not reccomend the escape over either, I'd say wait. You know what they say, good things come to those who wait and in scenario, I strongly believe that's the case. The moral of the story is patience is a virtue, so wait!


My God man. Keep the TSX. If you want a hybrid wait a year or two to buy one so you can get style + economy. The market for hybrids will force car makers to expand their line, especially with gas prices as outrageous as they are. Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY ANOTHER SUV!!

Tim Gourley

My sister has an Escape, and I've had the opportunity to drive it. It is a NICE drive and for the small size of the SUV there is still plenty of storage space. I really don't like Ford products but I'd make an exception for the Escape (or the 2005 Mustang, too).

Personally I drive a Pontiac Vibe ( which is just a little bit smaller than the Escape and leans more toward being a wagon than an SUV. It gets 28mpg in the city and 33mpg on the highway and even with a 4 banger it gets up and goes. If you don't like the Escape you should check that out.


Buy a Ford get the best,
Drive a mile walk the rest.

...nuff said


You should keep the TSX for speed and get an SUV for versatility. If your not expecting to pull any trailers then I say go with the hybrid, but I would bet it would be completely gutless.


Found On Road Dead


Fix Or Repair Daily

Pumice T

Do NOT leave the Acura / Honda family!!! How about a nice MDX? :) As an RSX Type-S owner, I can attest to the quality, and I'm sure you know from having the TSX. Get yourself a 2nd vehicle just for the SUV side... It's not nearly as expensive to own 2 vehicles as it may seem. I have a crappy 1986 Saab 900 for the Buffalo winters, and it costs me like $200 / yr. extra.

PS - Just as I started liking TSS, they go and boot you? Keep your head up. I got canned this past February, and ended up finding a job making 10% more. This could be a GOOD thing, you know?


I would say BE CAREFUL. There was an article written on some vehicle reports website stating that all the Ford SUV's are the unsafest cars on the road; apparently like, everyone dies anytime they get in a crash so I'd say just be aware.


I don't know anything about the ford escape but I say go for it. I just saw your dell commercial and you must have the cash rollin' in!
"Its a dell 42inch plasma flatscreen!!!"

Escape Driver

I dont know about the Hybrid Escape but I drive a regular 2002 model and enjoy it very much. It has pretty decent speed with about 200 HP and is a nice ride. The only thing I do not like about it as was mentioned earlier is that I wish it would sit up a bit higher but I plan on buying a lift kit in the future to correct this.

Escape Driver

I dont know about the Hybrid Escape but I drive a regular 2002 model and enjoy it very much. It has pretty decent speed with about 200 HP and is a nice ride. The only thing I do not like about it as was mentioned earlier is that I wish it would sit up a bit higher but I plan on buying a lift kit in the future to correct this.


I actually sell fords for a living, so let me know if there are specific things you'd like to know about it, or if you want I can mail you some literature

Email me at


Consider the 2005 Subaru Forester. It's half way between a full size SUV and a car. It comes standard with All Wheel Drive and the gas mileage is around the same as your TSX. There is also the XT trim which comes with the 2.5 litre turbo engine. The latter consumes a little more gas, but goes 0-60 in 6 seconds. Not too shabby for a sub $30 000 SUV.

Subarus are very underrated. Give it a test drive, you'll love it. I own a 2004 Forester and it's by far the best car I've ever driven.


Hey.. i just traded in my 02 CRV for a new Hyundai Santa Fe (the crv needed new tires :) and I like it a lot.. just some food for thought.


Dude, if you're going to do something as asinine as buying a Ford SUV, at least keep the Acura, too. I beg of you.

If I were you, I'd definitely wait on the Highlander or Lexus's Hybrid, though the latter's likely to be not-so-cheap. Which reminds me....

My God, man, how much did G4TTV freaking pay you that you can afford to buy a new car AFTER losing your job?!?


I wouldn't trade the TSX in for an Escape. Hybrid or not! The TSX is a much nicer car IMHO.


I dunno. I like Acuras.

Husband and I are looking at the Prius. Yes, its homely, but I'm born-again into great mileage. We have an Avalanche, Suburban, and Nissan Frontier, all 4WD--where I live you need it. But the gas prices are killing us. (The Suburban is currently parked until further notice--a 40-gallon tank at 11-to-the gallon=taking out a second mortgage to fill up.)

But our vehicles are work vehicles and subject to tax write-offs.

Tell us what you get, please?


I know you probably realize this, but you're not going to have NEARLY as much fun driving the Escape as you would the TSX. I LOVE cars, and I love driving hard and fast, and in that respect I would take the TSX over the Escape for obvious reasons.


Don't trade n your TSX. Expecally for a Ford Escape. Thats crazy talk. Go take a nap and eat a good dinner, then you will realize your mistake. It's Okay I forgive you for your crazy talk.

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