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November 19, 2004



Yes I'm back. At first I was like WTF you're buying a new car after getting laid off? But considering the Acura was a 2004 at this time you probably couldn't afford it any more hence getting a Ford. Understandable. Unless you just really wanted an SUV and your dumping the Acura just because you feel like driving an SUV. In that case I say WTF? Your parents must have a lot of money to support you . Or your dad lined up another couple of jobs for you. TSS - you clearly weren't qualified and G4 execs that hired you aren't either - not your fault. I think we'd all respect you much more if you were truthful that you knew nothing about tech and were just trying to be a comedian. As for the Dell commercial you are there target audience. A guy that has no clue when it comes to computers but deep pockets to buy the high end stuff. I hate to see anyone lose their job. I would have rather you been moved to the nook then fired but I can't control that. Even though it sounds like I hate you, I don't - I wish you luck in finding another job, just be more truthful in the future and you'll be fine. I would have liked you better on TSS if you were like Marty and came clean saying you knew nothing about tech. Would have appreciated your comedy a bit more. Good luck man.


G4 made a bull shit move.

First 10 people to go to webhacker, register, and post 50 good posts on the forum gets a gmail account


I don't have the escape but I have a Expidetion and it is awesome. But here's the scoop. You can make it really nice and really expensive, or you can make it really ( not so great ) and cheap. Ford rocks. Suv's rock. AND MOST OF ALL ALEX ALBRECHT AND KEVIN ROSE ROCK. AND TECH TV ROCKS. AND G4 SUCKS. And if someone would just give me a Gmail invite because im suffering this crises like all of us. THEY WOULD ROCK!!!!!!!! Well, atleast there is such thing TSS still.

P.S: I had an Acura and they are awesome

Nate :


G4 Sucks.

Free PS2 or XBox.


WTF what r u thinking even considering a Ford after buying a Acura TSX, i say u wait for the Lexus 400h or the toyota highlander hybrid, those cars r way better than ford anyday. They have better resale values and last long and wont break down, plus toyota has been in the hybrid game longer than ford, but personally i'd just keep the TSX cuz that car is pimp and respectable if u live in LA


you were awesome in the screen savers dude. you rank right up there with leo and pat, kevin to. take care of yourself alex and let us know what shows you might be coming out in next. maybe you,yoshi,dan and kev can make your own shown dedicated to tech. Show G4 who's running it.


Hey Alex hope your doing well.
I am a Acura geek, had an 2000 integra but now drive a 2001 MDX, and I love Acura.
That being I am a firm believer in and (Yes I am Canadian) Especially autonet you can compare vehicles and the site tells you the differences in options the whole shabang.
So check out those sites, boo-ya-kashaa!



Hey Alex

U might want to look at these forums at
about that ford escape. But come on alex a Ford??? What R U thinking.


Alex you was great! Would have liked to see you with Pat and Leo and the gang. Back in the day. wondering what your plans are. New show???? Lead the way. Well im not watching anymore. I hope most of the true fans will turn there backs to aswell! Good Luck Alex


If you want something funky, check out the Toyota Scion line, you can get them there in California, we can't get them here yet. I have a 1999 Rav4 which has been lowered, it kicks ass and is just slightly bigger than a large hatchback but you probably don't need 4wd in California. Here in Canada I pray for snow to cover the roads every day and keep the "pesants" with their front wheel drives safely at home and out of my way :)


I have owned an Escape for a while now and to let you know it is not an off road SUV, it is mainly a glorified station wagon but does have a nice look. I own the 4 cyl model from 2001 and so far I still get 25-27mpg and that is driving in Dallas. So far it has been a great vehicle to own.

John Mechanic

If you get the hybird escape, be aware that these cars are so technologically advanced that no regular mechanic can fix them. And from experince we all know how much repairs can cost if you take them to the dealer... expecially for a car that can't be fixed any where else...

Good Luck.


Dude if you're gonna trade an Acura, Get the G35 from Infinity. The real G-Unit


Yo, the insurance is more $ and on the negative side you don't want to get rear ended because thats were the cell batteries are. With a 7 thousand price tag, and have to be replaced after 5 to 7 years....ouch!


Alex, dude, mad bloke off the telly,

we've had our 2003 Escape for a year now and we LOVE IT! I'm a sports car loving Brit and the last thing I'd ever thought I'd be driving is a friggin SUV, but this car has changed all that. I call it a car because I've now driven bigger SUVs and pickups, and this one does handle like car, in fact I drive it the same I drove my little Golf GTI back in Blighty. Heh heh so if you're on the 110 get the hell out of my way!!

I love the 200 hp 3 litre V6 (hybrid is supposed to have similar power but I've heard conflicting reports) the responsive steering, the 2-tone leather, the 6-cd Mach stereo, the height of the driving position (I mostly commute with it on freeways), the large alloys that soak up potholes and speedbumps, and just the well-engineered nature of this vehicle. We also take it camping to Sequioas and it covers all the dirt tracks we need it to with tons of room for gear.

If you haven't already been told, it was a joint-development with Mazda so you get all that lovely Japanese engineering quality and reliability. We have 56 000 miles on the clock now and not a squeak out of the tranny or any other breakages. We did the accelerator cable recall and that's it. I also read about the tranny weakness, but not seen any of this yet, but on a brand new car, your warranty will cover it, and by the time your warranty has run out, you will be a MEGA RICH INTERNET PLAYBOY and driving your Murcielago, and the Escape and all these people writing on your blog will be HISTORY so I say go for it ;)


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Job isn;t a hindrance when having your car, as long as you love it go get it.

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