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November 19, 2004



My mother-in-law has an Escape, not the hybrid, but it's a great vehicle.

first post!!

James Orlowski

A guy here at work has an Escape, and likes it. In fact, I was thinking of getting an Escape when it comes time to trade-in my Jeep Cherokee; they're very similar in size and gas milage.

I just like sitting "above" most of the rest of the traffic.


It's good for the enviroment, and you'll get a tax break for buying a hybrid. Plus you'll save some money on gas.


Keep the Acura. Such a sexy car.

Dirk Digler

So Alex, I live in Detroit so basically the big 3 rules here. Ford is alright, but GM is superior. Since you live in Cali then go with the Escape. I have a friend who owns one (not the hybrid) and he loves it. The hybrid is built exactly the same except for the engine. For a Ford it's decent.


You probably already know this, but they best place to find advice would be a forum dedicated to Escapes. I poked around for a bit when I considered buying one. I think the major thing to look out for is the transmission. If the hybrid uses the same transmission as the others, I would be wary. From what I hear, the transmissions can start to develop problems as early as 30K Miles, which is far too early. Personally, I have an SUV right now (Explorer), and I would much rather have a TSX over an SUV. The grass is always greener though.


I had a 2001 Escape, but traded it in for a 2004 Pilot. The Escape was a great car; I just decided I wanted a bigger SUV (and my kids decided they needed the DVD player). In fact the only complaint I had about it was that the shifter is placed in such a way that you have to awkwardly reach around it to adjust the radio.


Sorry I have a prius (speaking of horrendous) but I love it, gas milage is greta..oops Great but it does look like it should have a plastic pull string (like the old evil keneval motorcycle toys had).

I say at this stage ANY hybrid car purchase is for early adopters and I would assume that something is about to come together so you can make that car payment (or now you are a kept woman). :-)

Just my two whole cents


Check out this link for great information on buying a new car.


OMG alex.... What on earth would posses you to get rid of your Acura. I have a 2000 Integra and a 2003 RSX-s type (200hp). Both are excellent, but the Tl's and TSX are much better... a smoother ride. I like the car and the gas miledge. I would concider the ford a downgrade... a big one at that.


Have you ever thought about a diesel? I know it sounds ridiculous, but I get 45mpg in my VW New Beetle TDI, and I drive it hard. Obviously a Beetle isn't up your alley if you're looking at an Escape, but almost all VW's models can be purchased with a TDI. Power to spare and insane economy. Also, TDIs can be tuned with some cheap tricks to get a significant horsepower increase, and they have a wonderful cult following over at Did I mention they can run on 100% soybans?


My parents have a 2003, not hybrid though. They seem to like it. I do know that they have had to have some part on the gas pedal replaced, and a couple of the automatic windows decided to quit working so the motor or something in them had to be replaced. All in all, they like it though. However, you feel like a pussy when you are at a light and an Excursion or just about any other larger SUV pulls up next to you. They feel the same way when a truck pulls up next to our Ranger too, but we have gotten along great with both, because who the hell needs all that extra space?....although a slightly larger truck than the Ranger migh be nice to have.


Beans. I meant beans.



You are crazy if you trade in such a great car for an ESCAPE of all things.


Hey Alex, I work at ford, My plant actually builds the hybrid here in KC. I can get you get A-Plan price if you're serious about it.

Joe B.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid (COMING SOON!)

Alex, I just bought a 2005 Toyota Tacoma, and while I was at the dealer my fiance' was checking around at the Toyota SUVs. The Toyota dealer told us to wait on getting an SUV for just a bit longer because the Toyota Highlander is going to be coming out in a Hybrid model. Has something like 400+HP, AWD, etc. Somewhere around 35 MPG too! Toyota is better than ford in every way, especially in intitial value and resale value. Although, if you werent looking to go SUV... I would say Acura TL... that is a sexy car. :)
If you dont want to wait, I suppose the Ford Escape Hybrid is a good choice as far as Hybrid SUVs go... but I think you'll be dissapointed with the overall quality of the Escape after owning a TSX. IMHO


i agree with joe b, i think you'll be dissapointed goign from acura to ford... just wait a little while and everythign will be hybred.. somethign about a 4cyl in a suv that just doesn't sit right with me


Fords suck, end of story

Steve W.

Alex, I work in the parts/service side of a Ford dealership and from everything we've seen the Escape Hybrid is an awesome vehicle. As far as what Dirk said about the transmission problems, what was happening was the lines to and from the transmission cooler were too restrictive at certain tempatures causing them to overheat. This problem has been fixed in the late 2003/early 2004 model years. I deal with all sorts of repairs and we rarely see escapes which require transmission repair/replacment. If you have any questions/concerns before you buy in regards to the technical aspect of things just drop me an e-mail.


I've always been leery of buying cars the 1st year they been out. Let them get the bugs out and buy a 2006. Plus it looks like they only come in 2 wheel drive, and buying a 2 wheel drive suv is like buying a apple computer.


i would wait if i were you if you want a from what ive read the transmssion of the esacpe hybrid is not too great i have a 2003 silverado and it's thirsty consider a TL or just keep your TSX and the interior of an Acura is much nicer then a ford interior.


This is the first year they are producing the Ford hybrid car so it will be an unknown. Consider the toyota hybrid highlander that is coming out soon (if not already) They are using the technology from the very successful Prius engines. There is a lexus hybrid coming out as well (also a Toyota company) Both the Lexus and the Highlander are well built cars that get very high marks.

Joe B.

Whatever you do, just make sure you check all your options. Here is more info on that Highlander I mentioned earlier.


DONT by a ford.


Unless Alex is moving somewhere the 2 wheel drive isn't really going to be an issue because 4 wheel drive in LA is a bit excessive. It's not like it snows. The worst that you have to deal with is rain. Maybe he just wants the extra room in an SUV. I say if you're going to buy one the Escape Hybrid is the way to go. I've been wanting to get one but fat luck getting one in the dealership here in North Dakota. I've checked out all the hybrids out there (when I lived in NoCal) but have only driven the regular Escape. Gotta say I really liked it more than the rest of Ford's offerings. The only other option for a Hyrbrid SUV is the Toyata Highlander but they just delayed the rollout because demand was too excessive.

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