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November 16, 2004



all i have to say is thats a bunch of bull first its yoshi now its kevin sounds like a rabid g4 fan!!!!!!!


Yo i just emailed sarah litteraly about an hour ago that his site wasnt working and kevin wasnt responding...


i can get to kevins site now but its all white and no html it looks like. hmmm


y no Ddos on man.


kevin should use his old typepad blog till the ddos stops. i just checked and its still up


god people piss me off.


Well if that is what is happening how about making it worthwhile, I mean if you are going to do it you might as well do it to G4. Kevin doesnt have anything to do with the crap comcast has done, although if it really was someone doing it in retribution why is sarahs still up. I think someone is just being an ass to kevin. Hey maybe he pissed someone off and its totally unrelated to the G4 bs. Oh yeah P.S. Comcast kiss my a$$! u rock Alex!


ddos the sites that made the deciosion *cough comcast cough*


That really bits about Kevin's site. Thank for all the updates Alex, its good to know whats up.

Keep up the good work


i bet G4 is behind this


If it continues, he should keep us updated through his old typepad blog.


Kevin is not one to be trifled with. We all know it's some G4 lover, that's doing it! If not careful he will take his +15 "Hammer of Darkness" and smite thee to the 9th gate of hell!


Well Kevin does have a computer security background so I'm sure he'll deal with it.


Wow is that why his sites been down?

DDOS attack is reflective and thus it will be very hard to track the script kiddy who did it. Must have sent hundreds of thousands of IP packets with Kevin's server address to other IP addresses. Packet crafting with reflective DDOS are real tough attacks can be difficult to find the #$%#$% script kiddies who did it.



What is wrong with little kiddies with nothing better to do than DDOS an innocent person's site? Stupid kids. They should be taken out and spanked or executed Chinese-stylie. Can't decide which would be better.


I think if someone wants to f*ck up somebody's site then they need to do it to the screen savers site, that should show G4 how everyone feels about the situation. And BadAndy.... War Eagle. You got the right idea.

Mega Pixel

Not for anything but its never good to fuck with the darktiper. Thats like disrespecting your leader! YOU JUST DONT DO IT! All i have to say is the person you fucked up his site better hide, i bet hes going to come down hard..


We must join together and stop the evil crackers!
Go to

We are the good hackers, join us.


I seldom do this becaues my workaday routine really drains me by the time I get home. I was one of the people who figured I'd wait and see how you and the new crew did when the new season started. I was getting more and more pleased with your onstage demeanor when the managers pulled the plug on you. You probably have yourself more friends than you know and your eviction from the show probably made a lot of fence sitters tilt in your favor. I haven't seen much GV since last Friday. I think the most effective way people can retaliate against G$ is to contact their cable company and mouont a mass petition to take GR off their dable system. ANother approach would be to block the channed by using that feature on their cable remotes. I am going to wait and see what becomes of Kevin and Sarah before I do anything myself. However, its been my experinece that once something like this gets started, it doesn't usually stop with the first round of axing. Well, I've rambled too much already. I have been in your situation myself and know its a hard thing to get over. Hopefully your TV presence on the show will help you move on. You might even find something better in the long run. Best of Luck!


I found this on Keven's other site. The Broken.


He still has his Typepad account, he can use that for now
its still up at least, he should be able to still use it
(i don't know how typepad's work, i'm a wordpress guy)


Funny how its Kevins site and NOT yours. being as lame as you are im surprised someone made an error in judgement and picked on Kevin

Kevin IS the show


thanks for the update alex, i was wondering why his site was down. that's a low blow, after everything that's happened.


Yeah, get a life none. Alex was awesome. It's just some lame fag who thinks he is cool.

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