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November 16, 2004



I noticed his site was super slow and all screwed up, but it wasn't me. Good luck to you, Alex. I can't watch the reruns... it just bothers me... By the way west side, WAR EAGLE!!


god this is so gay, so much shit is goning on lately, its pissing me off i hope you guys get back on your feet again soon, your my life lol.


Shoulda figured...there are some dumb mad people out there that don't know where to lash out their rage. C'mon people! It's called getting real!!!


I was wondering why I couldn't get on his site....


Why are they picking on kevin...they should DDoS g4's site


Thanks for the update, Alex!
Best of luck to you...I hope we can see you on TV again soon!


sorry i am a newb to the tech language and all what is DDOSing, are you saying someone is hacking his site with DOS?


no DDoS is a denial of service basically means you cannot access the the site


Denial Of Service attack.
Basically someone is slamming his site with packets/traffic preventing anyone from accessing it.

The practice of lamer fags...


DDoS...some fucking retard downloaded a utility & is bombarding kevin's site so nobody can get to it. like i said...fucking retard.

Manuel T

what the hell


How does DDoS work?


Argh... people nowadays. Alex, think you could ask Kevin to put up a temp blog until the attack is over?

Devon Tufts

Hey, Alex i a;ways dream of working with you and kevin one day but i guess that will never happen.

Iam protesting my face off its not even funny, ive been on ever server on almost every online game chanting G4 is evil bring back "THE FUNNY"

Question, i just wanted to hear you intake on star wars galaxies and any ther online game syou may play?
I KNOW WHO IT IS THOSE G4 GuyZ!! KEvin should be able to hack them up? isnt he prostyle

Never close your blog

Devon Tufts: "Dark Ryudoz"

P.s all kool people have "dark" in front of there name and you should to here are some ideas. DArk Alex, Dark Funny, Dark Albrecht. Gl update more/


seriously person who is doing that. GET A FRIKEN LIFE. yes you do need a life, spend all waking day doing that crap. well anyway good to hear from ya alex.... back to my meds they're wearing off and i dont remember what i say.. or type...grrrr


alex thank you for all of the updates...

and to alex and all who are against g4 please visit


Alex - so what's the plan? Are you going to try and stay in TV (Maybe Paul Allen will start up another network) or go back to the cube?


I was wondering what was up, but I had a pretty good idea and as usual I was right. :p lol.


Damn People, STOP DDOSing kevin's site, i want to look at it, jerks.

Kevin should press charges if he finds out who did it.


If your average fanbase thinks calling something "gay" is ok, I don't want to be your fan.


Maybe it's simply a matter of too many people being interested in what's going on with TSS lately. Or maybe it really is a DDOS attack.


i bet kevin is really pissed......


Typical N00bish crap...I remember back when Lwo and Patrick first did that "Hack my box" thing and all people could do was DDOS...No one actually hit it hard enough to put a folder on the

Jake Jarvis

DDoS G4!

Matt C

I was wondering if the site was just down, being DDOS'd, or if G4 was extra pissy over his posts (note how the one about the purge was edited down later) and made him fuxor his site. Simply pathetic - even the middle school kids I work with aren't as immature as this cockbite script kiddy is...

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