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August 30, 2004




A few others to mention would be


Matthew V.

Hey Alex,

Just wanted to welcome you to the TSS team..
Hopefully with the change of scenery the show will go back to it's more "techy" roots.

Looking forward to seeing what you bring to the show!
Best of luck,



Ya, cool stuff - it may come in handy someday. Anyway good luck with TSS!


When are you guys going to start talking about the
AMD64 machines that are coming out? I hear they are great for gaming :)

and have a great time hosting the show :)


Good luck man


Kev just pointed me to your site. Good luck on TSS! Can't wait to see the new show... don't be nervous (easy for me to say, huh?), just be yourself. Congrats!


The Free iPod thing is totally legit! A friend of mine just got his in the mail yesterday! It's so easy!

All you have to do is sign up for an offer, and cancel it the next day after you get credit. Choose AOL, Infone, Netscape, or - they are all very fast to give credit.


God luck, alex.. confirm or deny.... The Matrices.. is that you? Also I think you'll do just fine.. seems you got something to give...


Good luck man. I wish you all the best! If you plan on putting up a forum let me know!


I've been using for awhile now, I like it much better then those other services. For one you don't have to goto another site to check your mail, you can tell it how many emails you want to go through each address, and you don't have to setup each address.


Hey alex, good luck! Can't wait to see you on the show! Hey, I would suggest making all the text gray instead of white because it makes it easier to read and it doesn't hurt your eyes. Kevin's site is like that. [just a suggestion] congradulations


Everyone's been talking about the free ipods, I found this site today, this is a tutorial, its the same company, but they're giving away free desktop computers:

www [dot] freepctutorial [dot] tk

[dot] = .


This reminds me a lot of Mailinator...


congrats on the job,'s nice to see them get "a fan" rather than a tv lifer willing to dye his hair and learn to say w00t a lot.

Anyway..."kill spam for ever" when enunciated slowly, sounds like it would be a great Alice Cooper lyric.

I'm with ya on the total-coolness of Postal Service and Evil Dead, but I've yet to read Eragon, though I think I may add it to my rotation.

Congrats again, and good luck!


Yeah, I'm glad they have a TechTV fan hosting!
I'd pee my pants too :)


I just found this awesome site that totally gives you the low-down on all this Gratis Free Ipod/Flatscreen/PC stuff. They also have a really cool conga line that actually tells you what place you are in. Click below to check it out.


Actually, the best spam hole service I've found is at You can set the account to expire in a few hours, a few days, or even up to 3 months. And at any time you can cancel the temporary account. Way cool!

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