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July 08, 2007


William Addington

Sorry to miss the ladies this week but I understand the need for vacations now and then. I did go and see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and did enjoy it to the level that I might consider trying to read the books again. I like this older direction the movie series has taken, which is the path the books have been always been written as and reviewed to be progressive in their evolution of themes. I felt a little refreshed with this films tailoring of long used "going after it alone" theme. Harry's friends in this film provided great support for him in a way that felt comfortable to accept and made the relationship between them seem all the more realistic as the actors and/or actresses have spent much time together as they have filmed the HP movies together.
If you enjoyed the past films you might really enjoy this one. Those who haven't watched any of the HP movies might start here as Harry has got more depth as a real person in this cinematic ensemble, that will appeal to the people who felt past films were not in their demographic. Although I do warn those who enjoyed the books that, one friend of mine that has read all of the released literature said this did not bring her visions to realization, but that is just the nature of a good book and a film based on the book. As a rating I would say a Run fits into my perspective on the films all around experience and that I will be purchasing a copy when released to watch again in my own leisure time to enjoy once more.

Mike Artherton

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