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July 15, 2007



Great reviews as usual! Loved the Live Action Picture in the background!!
I’m a Harry Potter fan, but I came away just feeling that it was the same old same old formulaic Harry Potter film. I enjoyed it, but didn’t see anything new.

I will agree that it was nice to see Harry begin to take charge and want to fight back. And I guess they didn’t have time, but I wish they had shown Harry get back with the Asian girl, after they found out the Head Mistress had used that potion on her to make her rat them out.

Anyway, thank you both for doing the reviews, I look forward to them every week!
“And remember…thinking about things is thinking about something!” :)


I loved the moving picture behind you too! Nice touch. :)

I'm so glad you guys loved the Harry Potter movie! I thought it was fantastic. The girl who played Luna Lovegood was absolutely perfect. She is exactly what I pictured and heard in my mind when reading the books.

BTW - J.K. Rowling's last name rhymes with "bowling".

William Addington

I enjoyed it like Heather did since I haven't read the books. It was not the same Harry Potter movies that I have seen in the past this one was alot better and I enjoyed the past films but not like I enjoyed this one. Even some of the camera work seemed to be younger in nature in the way that they tried to convey some action scenes with the camera.

Louis Rivas

That's too funny! I love the picture in the background


magic photo was a great touch, as noted by previous posts...!

Now I gotta go see Sunshine...


I just wanted to say that Rupert Grint has am ice cream truck, fully stocked, for no reason. He stops for little kids that run up to the truck and gives them whatever. Just a little tidbit you(Suzanne) might be interested in.


Oh yea, and I'm not kidding, he(Rupert) said it himself on video.

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