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July 02, 2007



Woot! Die Hard Four was a great thrill ride! Go Bruce! Heather, in Die Hard One (if you had actually watched it) there are two FBI Agents, both named Johnson.

I also went a little more "high brow" this past weekend and saw Ratatouille. I know how you feel about Animated films Heather, but I really enjoyed it, more so than the kids I think. I also didn't notice a lot of the usual adult innuendos. If they were there, I missed them.

I love the constant location changes you girls keep finding/creating for the shows. Great job!



Just wanted to say that I love your shows. I am going to see Sicko tomorrow as i been looking forward to see since first hearing about it. On other thing, I like to make a comment about your show and hope you take this a constructive criticism. I think you should try to not interupt each other so much, not sure if its the wine kicking in but its rather annoying. But I will continue to watch and support your show.

Thanks Jim


First, you girls are so pretty and skinny I HATE YOU!!!
And sorry Suzy I was chatting with Heather in the movie, forgot she was working. But we were gawking at the hot french bad guys, Huba Huba!!! Since we couldn't talk about it I AGREE,...great fun..Lots of amazing action that made me scream out loud! I love the guy in the theater as the credits were rolling who shouted out "YEAH!!!" and started clapping!He was completely happy and satisfied at this 4th Die Hard installment. And I have to agree with him:)
I need to see Sicko though, hummm...
Anyway, thanks for the fun and I loved hearing what you had to say about good old Bruce -Still a Hotty- Willis.
Happy 4th!!!


"hoopla" Suzanne =)

saw sicko and i thought like many of his movies were very outlandish and i agree that at sometimes its propaganda-y. and seriously that Guantanamo bay scene...cmon seriously? But that scene with the cuban firefighters and the 9/11 workers, as cheesy (or staged) as that seemed it still made my eyes water up.

cant wait to see die hard YIPEE KI AYEE (mother effer) !

William Addington

Saw several movies this fourth July week including License to Wed and Transformers and planning to see something else this weekend maybe Die Hard or just wait for another Harry Potter installment. I am watchin the local indie theaters here in Dallas for Fido. I have been watching the Inwood Theater and they have not yet announced when they would have it not on the 6th anyways. On to the reviews:

License to Wed
It was hilarious with more than one actor John Krasinski(Jim) from the office cast. Robin Williams or the director Ken Kwapis did good job moderating the Williams style of comedy which did not overpower Mandy and Johns character. John and Mandy felt good together and well played. There are moments not seen in the trailers that are hilariously funny so don't worry about already seeing all the good parts in the trailers that can sometimes be the case.

The ending though felt cut off and too cookie cutter and a immediate jump to the finish line. It just didn't feel as if the ending was custom to the story and felt as if it was tagged on later to finish the movie.


I was ready for this movie to be a blockbuster as its was funded and targeted that way and I thoroughly enjoyed it. With all the computer Animated films and trifecta films this movie season PiratesOC, Shrek, Spiderman 3, it was a refreshing to see a old fashioned blockbuster made with a little new style. The computer animated transformers were so good that you don't really talk about it because the animation didn't stick out next to real life locations. It had that American spirit thing going throughout the film and fit the PG13 rating it was given. Shia LaBeouf played the part well and seems on his way to create great films in his continuing film career.

The film does seem to fall flat across the board in a way that I can not put my finger on. There just seems to be something thats keeping the entire film from going to that next realm in making this franchise well played out like the X-men trilogy. As suggested the ending does include a conclusion that tells you there will be other film(s) to follow as Hollywood has not stopped doing trilogies these days with many of the blockbuster films.



Love the reviews.


Great show.
A note about taxes vs private health care. It doesn't actually balance by paying lower taxes and having private medicine, because as much as you knock the insufficiencies of government run health care... America's private HMO system is an huge inefficient mess.

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